Restylane in Lower Eyelids Can It Stain Tissue Under Skin

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If you get Restylane injected under the lower...

If you get Restylane injected under the lower Eyelids which has Very Thin Skin.And the Doc hits allot of VEINS with the needle.And now the Restylane mixes with the Blood. Do you get some kind of Staining in the tissues from this issue.I had Restylane put under both Eyes and the Doc hit every Vein and i got the Bluish Tint,lumpness too.PLUS i Retain alittle water in that area.Months later i had it removed from another Doc. I can still see the area/shape where i had Restylane injected in. Im Not liking the HA Products under my Eyes. I had Thin Skin. What would be another Filler i could use under the Eye Area. Tear trough,Around Brow area,Under Eyelid Area.

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VERY BAD INJECTOR. These Doctor need to get More Education on How to Inject and use a Smaller gauage Needle. I was Reading some Doctors are using the same techique as Doing Fat grafting but with Fillers.

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