Expensive, but I Would Do It Again

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I am happy with the results of having Restylane...

I am happy with the results of having Restylane done, even though it is a rather expensive option. My doctor injected painkiller, I guess "dental blocks" so I felt no pain at all other than the two initial injections of novocain, which were slightly unpleasant. I saw immediate results, which did lessen after two weeks when the swelling went down and the Restylane "settled". I had it done around my eyes for the orbital rims, basically you could see the rims of my under eye bones and I looked somewhat gaunt. For this purpose I think it was a good choice for me, it did just what I wanted it to. It has only been three months, so I cannot say for sure how long it will last, but still looks great so far. I think alot of cosmetic procedures have to do with the person performing them, make sure you choose a competent, experienced DOCTOR, not someone selling botox out of the back of a van. Make an appointment for a consultation, and if it doesn’t feel right, run away!

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