Restylane Done Under Eyes Worth It!

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Had it done over a month ago under eyes. I'm 44...

Had it done over a month ago under eyes. I'm 44 and I take after my father's side of the family with the extremely tired looking eyes. I called them my bags but hollows probably described as well.

People asked me if I wasn't sleeping or if I was ill or had allergies all the time. Tried every home remedy for years (ice and green tea bags, allergy pills, creams including prep H. The Procedure: I did not bruise at all, only tiny marks where needle went in. It was performed by a dermatologist. He almost scared me out of it, telling me the possibilities included alot of bruising and swelling, would I be prepared to return to work like this...he was very honest and upfront and spent alot of time telling me all the cons and made sure I was prepared.

Used one syringe but some resty was left. My left eye needed more as he indicated this was not uncommon based on what side I sleep on. I loved the results at once and once again, Doc warned me next time I might not be as lucky with my lack of bruising. I think I did swell but the swelling was so much more attractive than the wells I was used to so it really was not an issue.

Pain was minimal, a little bit later on I felt tenderness but I was so pleased I did not care much. He said it could last 9 months. It was very emotional waking up the first few mornings and looking in the mirror at a bagless reflection. Very dramatic difference for me, I look much younger, healthy and rested. I hope it lasts as long as 9 months but I will be back for more when that time comes

Westfield Dermatologist

He is listed as Top Doc in his field and spends much time talking with you, very down to earth and humble.

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