Restylane Did Wonders for my Self-confidence

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Restylane has done wonders for my self-confidence....

Restylane has done wonders for my self-confidence. I got the treatment done to smooth out my nasolabial folds and my lips. I had a huge amount of wrinkles in that areaand my over thin lips only made the area look more wrinkly. Restylane not only removed those wrinkles in my nasolabial folds but also gave me fuller , more voluptous lips. As a result, my mouth looks younger and it looks the same as the rest of my face. Somehow my mouth is the area that seems to like to wrinkle more as compared to my face. Its kind of like you can tell my age only by looking at my mouth. The rest of the face has no or little wrinkles. So it was a needed thing for me to get my whole face to look alike in texture. The procedure was very quick and easy. The doctor applied ice on my lips and upper area before injecting.I was uncomfortable and itcy for about a week and did have some rashes and swelling. However, after a week i was completely normal and saw the drastic change on my face, that too for the better. I loved the treatment.
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