Restylane Caused Too Much Swelling in Eye Hollows

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Last summer I had Resty injected into the hollows...

Last summer I had Resty injected into the hollows under my eyes. I was pleased with this experience and I am considering doing it again, maybe with a different filler or maybe Resty again.

I have read about some people having really bad bruising from injections at these sites but I didn’t experience that at all. I bruised a little bit (honestly, not much at all) but it faded quickly to yellow and then was gone within a week. In the meantime I covered it with makeup and nobody noticed a thing.

The one downside to Resty was the swelling. I expected swelling at first but it didn’t go down very quickly; I think the areas under my eyes don’t drain fluid very well. Maybe because of the eyes? I don’t know. But that meant my eyes were puffier than usual for a long time. It’s hard to explain right: I went from hollows to puffy and all I wanted was a smooth, flat area under my eyes. People don’t get that the swelling wasn’t some happy side effect because it made me look just as bad and kind of tired.

That went away after a long time but if I go back for more I will have to consider whether this was worth it. I still don’t know. I know this is a reaction my body had and isn’t the fault of the Resty since most people don’t stay swollen for so long. That leaves me with very little faith in any other injectables, as I think the results will be the same.

I would recommend it for most people though.
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