Restylane Better Than Botox (In my Opinion)

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I was more scared of what I read than what I...

I was more scared of what I read than what I actually experienced! The dr. gave me two shots of novacain/lidocaine and I immediately felt numb. The Restylane was barely felt - slight pinch/burn on a couple of the injections.

I am almost 38 and a natural rehead (fair skin) The wrinkles which I noticed were fortunately only 'surface' wrinkles according to the doc. I was advised to only repeat once a year if I chose to do it again. My dr. is conservative and suggested only around my laugh area (nose to mouth) - she said it was unnecessary to do "Hollywood" lips.

Reading all of the 'negativity' almost made me back out. I'm glad I didn't. I feel it took a good 8 yrs. off of my face and with little discomfort. The dr. said she knew I would lightly bruise and I did on one side. She spent time massaging the product in and I iced it immediately. I would recommend waiting a full week before going somewhere important where you want to make an impression or taking photos.

I love it and will do it again! As a side note, I also had my forehead and crow's feet BOTOX'ed and I am much ahppier with the Restylane results than that.

Dr. Donna Richardson

She is conservative and educates you on everything. She is also mobile (comes to you) and has decades of experience under her belt.

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