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Started on restylane first time do eradicate a...

started on restylane first time do eradicate a nasolabial line/pull left by Bell's Palsy. normal at last. had several needles, mainly on affected side, then a few on the other just to be completely even. aLSO can help with sagging and start of jowl. I honestly didn't mind the injections, they're quick and well worth the two second ouch. (i get 2 syringes each time)

I agree you must go to dr. dedicated to this as i had this procedure one time in another location without as much success. Once going to above spa, I will never leave. Once you get it, you'll never want to be without it. Immediate results, but also small red/blood dots at site. Can have bruising if you've had asprin or just bruise easily, but it goes quickly with icing. you will see results the minute you get it. ice for awhile and you're done. highly recommend it. No allergic reations possible, no downside, except the money, however if you don't want the knife this is the alternative. One more positive, they say, and I now think it's happening to me, that this may encourage your body to produce more collagen and see less lines anyway.

Restylane is a God send especially for anyone with a facial problem such as mine. It should be insurance covered in this case,as a breast replacment for cancer would be.


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