Restylane - $1,000 for Less Than a Month of Results? No Thanks!

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Restylane was a waste of money I didn’t have to...

Restylane was a waste of money I didn’t have to waste. It lasted about 3 weeks and then was gone completely. I had tried it a few months before and that lasted a total of a month and a half – a lot less than they say it will last (minimum 3 months). I had Restylane in my lips and the hollows under my eyes last time. The lip results were gone in about a week. That’s about how long my lips were tender and swollen anyway. The Resty under my eyes lasted less than a month and then I was back to the way I was, pocketbook lighter of course. I am not a newbie and I know these results are despicable. I have tried collagen and also Radiesse in the past. Next on my list to try is Juvederm. I have high expectations for this new filler. Resty injections were no more or less painful than any others. You are getting a needle put in your face... it’s going to hurt. The people who say they felt nothing must just have different concepts of how to define pain because there’s no way you can’t feel it. Creams and dental blocks help but you will still feel the needle. Fillers are not for the faint hearted. Overall I think fillers are a suitable substitution for surgery but the companies need to get a handle on how long their fillers are lasting. To pay upwards of $1,000 for less than a month of results is disgusting and greedy but they will not acknowledge these people. It’s all about the stories of women whose Resty lasted a year (if those women even exist outside of the company’s dreams). Restylane is the worst of them all. What a despicable waste.
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