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At 24 I’ve tried – or will try – most of the...

At 24 I’ve tried – or will try – most of the fillers out there. I have congenital hollowing in my face that is only correctable with fillers. First I tried Resty. This was four or five years ago by now and they might have improved it since then, I don’t know. With Resty it was pretty cheap so I wasn’t surprised when my results didn’t stay very long. I did get my face plumped up somewhat and it lasted about two months (doc said 3-6). I didn’t find it was consistent enough for me in the end and never went back for follow-ups and redoing. Instead, I tried Sculptra, which also disappointed me. I think with Resty more than any other filler it is really about who is injecting you, what they’re using/how they’re doing it, and a ton of other factors. Like with Botox. With all the fillers on the market Resty might have improved since I tried it. I think they’ve probably had to. So I can’t say for certain if I haven’t found the right filler or the right doc yet. Maybe it is a combination? Next up I’m going to try Juvederm maybe and also Radiesse. I don’t want to go the implant route just yet ‘cause I’ve heard of bad side effects from it. I need to experiment and find my right look first, maybe wait for them to refine implants, before I proceed with that. I see cosmetics as a journey, finding the right thing for you and it isn’t meant to be easy.
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