Wanting Nose Job Not Sure to Do Here in Reno Area - Reno, NV

I do not have for sure date but I did go to...

I do not have for sure date but I did go to consultation. Pictures on Web site with majority of surgeons aren't the best. Not sure why they wouldn't put thier best work up...bit maybe that is thier best? Has anyone had rhinoplasty here in reno area? I have a couple more consultations to go to, but this is for sure something I would like to do. I do not like bump on nose aand I also have bulbous tip.

Breast implants instead

I have a breast implant consultation tomorrow. I have decided to not get a nose job because I'd rather have that done out of state. I have been wanting to do breast implants for10 years now. I have held off due to the fact that I can NOT stop worrying about nickel/metal allergies. We have tons of metals in our food I read once. Who knows right? I have tried so hard to find percentages of people that are fine w breAst implants that have same allergies and I can't find any info anywhere.
There was one person on this site that had same question .she had metal allergies and she never posted again which sucks. Who knows if she got implants or not.
Dr Balini

He went over exactly what I had in mind. I need to go see more of his work but have not due to my schedule.

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