30 Year Old Mother, 36 D, 5'7, 185lbs - Reno, NV

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I have had body issues since I hit puberty! I have...

I have had body issues since I hit puberty! I have never known what it's like to feel confident and happy in my skin - let alone SEXY! Initially it was just stretch marks on my hips and breasts, but now at 30 years old and after having my child I am experiencing a lot of excess skin in my abdomen and sagging of my breasts. I'm going to have what has been called the "mommy makeover" with the benelli style or lollipop incisions. I'm also interested in implants and am leaning toward silicone under the muscle, perhaps a DD..
I created my profile now even though I am not planning on having the surgery for at least another year. First I am going to lose about 30 to 40 pounds before I go in. Plus, I want to have a good amount of money to put forward to avoid financing.

My expectations (hopes):
Smaller, round areolas
Perky symmetrical breasts
Less visible stretch marks on the lower abdomen
Tighter abdomen

My fears (where to start!?):
lopsided boobs
Loss of sensation
Paying all that cash and not liking the results

So I will leave it here for now. Will be updating when I have lost the desired amount of weight and I'm ready to have some consultations! :D
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