I Am So Sorry That I Did Lasik - Reno, NV

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The reason that I am sorry is that my eyes became...

The reason that I am sorry is that my eyes became super-dry (which they never were before). I was 58 at the time and wanted the mono vision. Since then I have had the driest, scratchiest, burning eyes. I have to put gooey night stuff in with drops all day long to be comfortable. I am an outdoor person who rides horses and have been very regretful about this condition. I was reading that the nerves may grow back but after 3 years I doubt it. I am very healthy, take tons of vitamins, lots of Vit. C, am on hormone replacement etc. I have also spent so much money on eyedrops, gels, all kinds of stuff to get relief and keep my eyes hydrated. Also, I cannot wear makeup anymore because of all the products that I need to put in my eyes. I wish that I had stuck with my glasses and contacts:(
Dr. Rothman

I believe that he is a good Lasik surgeon, as I can see very well when my eyes are wet. However, this dry eye is not at all worth the trade off. I believe that they should have stressed to me that my eyes had tested dry already (although I hadn't noticed the dryness) and let me know that this would no doubt be a problem for me. I give them a bad review over this matter. Buyer beware. Things aren't always as easy as you may think that they will be.

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