Remember the Cinderella Story?

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Do you all remember the Cinderella story? The...

Do you all remember the Cinderella story? The fairy godmother moved her magic wand a zapp! Cinderella turned into a princess! That is exactly what happened with me. My appearance changed completely and I turned into the young girl I used to be 20 years ago. A sun burnt skin and wrinkles compelled me to go in for a chemical peel and I opted for the TCA, which was a great idea. I am a 45 years old woman and my age and skin condition clearly required a TCA peel. The treatment took about an hour. The doctor applied some kind of cleanser, cleaned my face up and then applied the solution on my face. It caused a burning sensation, which lasted about half an hour. After that, the doc gave me a cream to apply at home regularly and also instructed that sunscreen is a MUST. My face got really swollen and red. I was not horrified as I had expected it and had taken a few days off from work. I rested a lot during those days and avoided sun exposure completely. I rested, slept and caught up with a lot of movies. The only time I went out was for my follow up check up with the doctor. The skin changed from red to pinkish during the peeling and I saw a blemish free skin after the redness was gone. I needed a second peel and I waited for 3 months before going in again. The first peel showed great results and the second peel took care of the little that was left. My blemishes and pigmentation is almost completely gone now. I have heard stories about women having really bad experiences with Chemical peel and have even read a story over here. I am very sorry for those who have suffered due to chemical peel. I presume it works for some better than it does for other. It could have a lot to do with the skin sensitivity level. I did read a lot before making the decision. I truly feel that sites like this one are very useful and all women who consider getting chemical peels and other things done should research well and read other people’s experiences before making this important decision. I personally thank all women who shared their experiences and helped me decide what is best for me.
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