Regret with Resty

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I’ve always had pronounced features in my...

I’ve always had pronounced features in my eye area – and not in a good way – but I never knew what to do about it. I did some Internet research and figured out for myself that I could do fillers (like Resty) or get a blepharoplasty. I was hesitant about surgery but went for a consult anyway. I was pronounced an “excellent candidate” for Restylane.

At first I was pleased. The wrinkly skin under the eyes was gone and my eyes looked almost normal. I wasn’t used to that! But after a week – once what little swelling there was had gone down – I stopped feeling so impressed. For starters, I didn’t think it was completely symmetrical even though he had injected the same amount in each side. I wrote this off as the chance you take when you get anything done on your face, even surgery.

In three months I was even less impressed. The Restylane was almost gone and the doctor’s office was actually calling me for a follow-up! I suppose I expected it to last longer; it’s easy to be given the high estimate as opposed to the low one. I turned out to be the low one after all.

Now I’m looking into other injectables like Juvederm but more importantly I may go for that blepharoplasty after all, even if I need to change docs (which I may do anyway). I know my under-eye area isn’t as bad as it’s supposed to be for surgery but it seems useless to spend all this money on very temporary solutions. I’ve had this face long enough to know my eye issues won’t go away on their own, so why not fix it for good?

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