26yrs Old, Mom of 1, 5'5", 120lbs, 450CC HP Silicone Unders - Canada

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I'm booked in to receive my breast augmentation on...

I'm booked in to receive my breast augmentation on Friday, March 27th, 2015. I found these reviews really helpful when making the decision to go through with the surgery, so I figured I better write my own!

I've always been self conscious of the size of my breasts, and decided at a young age that I'd likely want breast augmentation one day. I decided to wait until I had my first child, tried out breastfeeding, and seen how my body and breasts changed after pregnancy. I didn't care for breastfeeding and my boobs didn't change in size during my pregnancy, so I decided to go for it.

I went to my consultation a few weeks ago and spoke with Dr. Ghremida. He's the only doctor in the city who does the surgery so my choices were nil. Fortunately, I liked Dr. Ghremida's demeanor, and he basically suggested I get exactly what I was hoping for. In the office, I tried on 375, 400, 425, and 450cc smooth, high profile silicone implants. I had decided on the 425cc in fear of the 450cc being too large. But, after doing some research when I got home, I called the office back and changed to the 450cc. My reason for this is because I don't want to be stuck between a large C and a small D. I would much rather be a solid D or even DD. My band width was 12.5 so I hope I get the result I'm looking forward to!

Right now, I'm a bit stressed about surgery. Currently fighting a stomach flu (probably doesn't help that I'm stressed), and tackling some back problems. My husband is out of town working for the next week, so I've enlisted my parents help and have to stay at their house during my recovery. My biggest concern with everything is not being able to lift my 8.5 month old. She weighs around 24lbs so she's quite the chubber! I'll have to give up my pride and allow my mom to help me with her during the first few days.

Anyway, here are a few before pictures of me. I'm currently a 34B. I apologize for the awful pictures - it's really hard to take them of myself with my gigantic phone!

Surgery Done!

Well I had my surgery this morning and everything went smoothly. I was pretty nervous going in - especially once I was on the table. But before I knew it, I was asleep. I was actually dreaming when I was waking up, haha. When I first woke up, I was in a considerable amount of pain, but it's not like I was dying or anything. They gave me morphine 3 times before I felt a bit better. My mom picked me up as my hubby is out of town working. I was pretty dizzy and really tired. Also felt nausea on and off, but didn't throw up. I came back to my parents' house and had a bagel with cc and then went for a nap. I had a tough time napping because I felt weird from the drugs. Feeling pretty achy right now but it's manageable. I only took one T3 and I'm doing alright, so that makes me happy. I hate taking pain meds so hopefully by day 3 I can stop them. I took some pictures of the girls and they are SO high. They look hilarious. But I think the end result will be great! So happy thus far, just praying I don't have any complications!

Day 2 Post-Op

Well I didn't get any sleep last night at all. I was so uncomfortable in bed and I was in a lot of pain. My doc gave my T3's and they do absolutely nothing other than make me nauseous! I finally gave up and went downstairs around 5 am. Tried icing my boobs for a bit which seemed to help. I was staying at my parents house since my husband is away working, but my mom decided to come home to my house with me today. I live 30 minutes out of town, and it was a long painful drive. My mom picked me up some extra strength Advil, and an hour after taking 1, I felt 100 times better. Took my bra off to take pictures and that also seemed to relieve a lot of pressure! Do I have to wear this thing constantly? Anyway, I'm exhausted and need to try and get some shut eye. Here are a few pictures from today. Still battling frankenboobs...and I think it'll be a long struggle. None of this will feel real to me until they look decent and I'm no longer in pain! Can't wait until I'm feeling better!

More Pics From Day 2

A couple pictures didn't work.

Day 3

Well its day 3 and I'm no longer taking T3's, just Advil now. I slept better last night but was still up every 2 hours. I think I got about 5 hours of shut eye, so I'm still tired. Hopefully tonight goes even better. Not feeling nearly as awful as yesterday, but I'm still pretty sore. My incisions are starting to get sore too. I haven't looked at them yet. Should I be checking them? My instructions say to check them daily, but the nurse told me to leave the dressings on unless they got wet. I showered today and it felt awesome. The girls seemed to have dropped quite a bit since yesterday. I hope they soften up quickly because I'm not a fan of how they look right now! I don't have any interest in trying on bikinis or going bra shopping until they're healed. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with them and the progress I'm making, but I'm definitely not as 'excited' about them as most people are right after. Here are some pictures from this morning!

Day 4

I had a much better sleep last night which is a relief. I still woke up a few times but I probably got about 8 hours. Still super tired today...I think I'm just worn out. I got up at 6:30 and took Advil because my mid back was killing me and everything felt achy and tight. Still not feeling that great today. I just hope it gets better as the day goes on instead of worse.

The girls are continuing to go down, but I still don't like how they look. They're soo high...right under my collarbone. It probably doesn't help that I always had pretty perky boobs and I got the high profile implants.

I just can't wait until I'm feeling like a normal human being again, and can actually enjoy my new boobs. My throat is really sore today and my sinuses are bothering me. I hope I'm not getting sick now.

This whole process has definitely been an emotional roller coaster for me. I started out really anxious before my surgery because I was afraid I was going to get sick before it, or something was going to go wrong, etc. Then the day before my surgery I couldn't stop crying. My husband went out of town two days before and is gone for over a week. And I was really depressed that he wasn't going to be here for it because it left my mom to help me with my little girl. And my mom is against the surgery. So I just felt like I had zero support going in...which was really hard. And since the surgery I've been in an incredible amount of pain, so I'm just sick of it. Ready to feel good about life again. I haven't had a meltdown or a good cry since so I guess I'm still hanging in there, haha. I just have a tough time with giving up control. I get quite depressed when I can't do everything for myself and my daughter. It's killing me that I can't pick her up! Anyway, I just needed to vent. I'm definitely feeling sorry for myself and I'm doing my best to suck it up! I did this to myself so now I just have to deal with it, right? Still, I'm sure you guys know where I'm coming from! Hope all you ladies out there in recovery are doing well today.

Day 5

Ugh, when will they start to drop?! I HATE how high they are...looks ridiculous. Is this something that's going to take months? They are literally right under my chin and I can't see any difference from yesterday. Feeling discouraged and I am hating the recovery phase. I just wish I could fast forward two weeks. Not in a good mood today, as you can tell. But I'm thankful that I'm not in as much pain today! Still have no desire to go anywhere or do anything though. Hope all you ladies in the same boat are doing well today!

Day 6

Well I'm feeling much more optimistic today. The girls seemed to have softened up a bit more, and my pain has almost diminished! I have my one week post op appointment tomorrow and I'm guessing they're taking the dressings off my incisions. I'm looking forward to that and hoping everything is healing nicely. I have to cut this short but will update again tomorrow!

Day 7 (6 Days Post-Op)

Hi ladies. Wel, no pictures today but I do have a bit of an update. I went to see my doctor for my one week post op appointment. He said everything looks great and they're softening up nicely. When he looked at them, he was like "yes, they're beautiful!" as if he was really proud of his work, haha. So that made me feel good.

He didn't take the dressings off my incisions and rather, told me to keep them on for another week. I don't see him again for 2 weeks, so I don't know if I'm supposed to take them off myself or what. Anyway, I'm waiting on an answer about that.

I went shopping after my appointment and bought a sports bra. It's 34D and a bit snug. I think I'm going to end up as a 34DD, which I'm happy about. It felt so strange and weirdly empowering to buy a large bra, haha. For once, I didn't feel ashamed about buying a tiny or overly padded bra. I almost walked into the bra store but stopped myself. I can't wear underwires right now and they haven't settled yet, so I'd rather wait! I'm starting to feel excited about bra and bikini top shopping though!

I wanted to ask you guys a question that I forgot to ask my doctor. I'm having this awful pain in the top right part of my right breast...right at the armpit crease. Whenever I press on it, it's like a horrible deep ache....like tendon pain. Is this normal? Just wondering if I overworked my muscle and did any damage. I wish I would have remembered to ask him.

Anyway, my husband is finally back tomorrow after being gone for 10 days, so I can finally stop relying on my mom. I bought her flowers to say thanks, but they'll arrive after I'm gone - on Saturday.

Well tomorrow marks a week from my surgery...I made it. I'm so glad I'm starting to feel better. Still achy and re all weak, but I'm getting there. Hope everyone's doing well and loving their new racks!

One Week Post-Op

Hi ladies. Well, it's been a week since my surgery and things are going pretty good. I noticed a small spot of blood on one of my incisions dressings last night but my doctor told me it was nothing to worry about. I'm also experiencing a lot of tenderness on the upper right quadrant of my right breast...which I think is from overuse. I'm trying my best to take it easy for the next few days. But I'm hoping everything is good by Tuesday as I have to start lifting my daughter by then. I'm really worried about that right now. I took some pictures today and although the girls are still high, I've noticed a bit more projection. So they seem like they're slowly but surely moving into place! Wishing everyone a Happy Easter if I don't get a chance to update for a few days!

Day 9

Hey everyone. I'm doing pretty good today. My husband got home yesterday and saw the girls for the first time. And of course, he loves them. I noticed they've softened up a lot in the past day. Hopefully they move into place over the next week. I'm still waking up sore but it's not too bad. Also find myself sore by the end of the day, but that's to be expected. We went to town today and I kind of considered it my first day out since I actually got dressed up and whatnot. I will admit it's weird knowing you have a big rack in public. Mind you, what I was wearing wasn't revealing. But it was still kind of weird. Anyway, that's about it for today! Here are a few pictures from this morning. Let me know if you guys see a difference happening!

Day 11 (10 Days Post-Op)

Hi everyone. Well today marks my last day having help with my daughter. Tomorrow I'm going to have to start lifting her full time. It doesn't help that my husband has to go out of town for another week starting on Thursday. I really wish he was around for a few weeks...just in case I get played out or overly sore. My right side is still painful. I freaked out last night when I found a hard lump between my breast and armpit crease and called my doctor. I had to speak to the other surgeon in his office, but he's an awesome doc as well. He got me in first thing this morning to check on things, which was really unexpected and nice of them. When he checked things over, he said it's likely a swollen lymph node and it should go away on its own. He said the soreness isn't caused by the swollen node, but I find that strange because it feels like the pain is centralized around the lump. Anyway, I'm hoping it goes away soon...As well as the pain. Because lifting a 24lbs 9 month old is no fun when your muscles feel like they're torn. Here's a pic from this afternoon. The doctor in saw today took off my dressings today. Hope everyone is having a good day...especially you ladies in recovery!

12 Days Post-Op

Well I'm 12 days post op today. Left side looks great, both incisions look pretty good, and both are softening up. My right side is bigger than my left. I'm not sure if it's because I've been massaging it more and it's dropped or if it's just swollen. And my right side is still bugging me. Still dealing with this swollen lymph node and it's quite painful. I called the doctor's office yet again today and asked if it's normal. I don't know why, but it's really bothering me. She told me she guarantees I'm fine and she sees this happen often. She just said to call if it gets bigger. I just hope it goes away soon. Other than that, I'm still dead tired, weak, and lethargic most of the day. It's starting to get depressing. I feel like I'm not giving my daughter enough attention because I'm so tired. And I find myself frustrated when she's noisy or rolling around while I'm trying to change her because I'm trying to limit my arm use. Like I said before, my husband is leaving for another week, possibly longer, starting tomorrow. That in itself is depressing me because I'm having a hard enough time taking care of my little one during the day. Now I'm not going to have any help at night either. I'm just feeling really down lately and I hope everything gets better soon. Currently still regretting my decision to do this because it's been nothing but pain, anxiety, and heartache for me.

14 Days Post-Op

I'm 2 weeks post op today. Feeling alright other than my nipples and the surrounding area have become incredibly sensitive. My fatigue has been a bit better in the past two days, but I'm still tired. I'm a clean freak and I've actually left clean laundry in the dryer for a day. That sounds minor but it's not usual for me! I just have no desire to do anything...it takes an incredible amount of effort. I'm guessing it's because I'm still feeling pretty down.

My 9 month old is teething and constantly whining because of it and it's taking a lot out of me. Especially since my husband is gone and therefore I never get a break. I wish I could console her more and cuddle her but it's pretty tough having her on my lap. She's very busy and I'm scared she's going to smoke me in the boob or cause me to make a sudden movement and hurt myself.

The lymph node on my right side is still swollen and slightly sore. I'm just trying not to touch it because it seems to make it hurt more...but at the same time I'm paranoid about it getting bigger. Has anyone ever heard of a reactive lymph node after surgery? I'd really like to hear from another woman who has experienced this!

I tried on some bathing suit tops last night and none of them fit...at all. Well, I have one top that I could maybe wear, and it only fits because it's the one I bought when I was breastfeeding and my boobs were big!

I'm really looking forward to being completely healed, wearing normal bras, and going bikini top shopping. I'm still rocking the surgical bra and compression band around the house and I hate it. I've been wearing my Nike sports bra when I go to town, but it tends to limit what tops I can wear.

Here's a picture from this morning...right seems to be dropping a bit faster and is therefore bigger.

15 Days Post-Op

Not much of an update for today, but I took a few pics! Feeling better everyday about how the girls look. Now I just need this lymph node to clear up!

17 Days Post-Op

Took a picture this morning and noticed they're starting to drop more!

Help Me Out Ladies?

Hi everyone. If you've been following my review, you'll know that I mentioned that I have a swollen lymph node in my right side near my armpit. Over the past couple days, I *think* it's been getting smaller. But, just yesterday I started getting this pulling, aching sensation on the side of my right breast. Is this normal, or is anyone else experiencing this? I find that if I take a deep breath, it hurts in that area. I'm thinking it's either from that side dropping or from lifting my daughter. I'd really like to hear if anyone is experiencing the same symptoms. Driving myself crazy with everything lately. I just want everything to be healed and feel better already. :-(

(Basically) 3 Weeks Post-Op

I have my 3 week post op appointment tomorrow and I'm looking forward to what my surgeon says. I think the girls are doing well, other than the lump in my right breast. It still seems like it's getting smaller...but it's hard to tell. I can still feel it, and therefore it bothers me. But it's not nearly as painful as it was, so I'm hopeful it'll be gone soon! I'm actually practically pain free today...which is awesome. I'm starting to like them more and they're starting to feel like my own. I still feel like I won't be totally satisfied with them until everything is completely healed. I'm a person who doesn't adapt well to change...even positive change. So the way I'm feeling is all expected in a way. This has been a very difficult journey for me...much harder than I expected. But I definitely feel much more confident with my body. And having actual confidence for once is going to improve several aspects of my life. This surgery is so much more than just having big boobs. It's about reclaiming your femininity and feeling positive about yourself. I think that's something that every woman deserves.

Shirt Pictures

Just a couple pics with a shirt and sports bra on.

Almost 3 months post op

Well I'm coming up on 3 months post op (on the 27th of June). I really love my new boobs. It took awhile...the healing process was WAY longer and more trying than I thought it would be. My swollen lymph node remains swollen. So my surgeon gave me the option of leaving it or having it removed. It's not causing me nearly as much pain anymore...in fact, the pain seems to be getting less and less. So I'm going to have it biopsied in the fall (because summer is too busy for me) to ensure it's nothing serious. My surgeon said he's basically 100% sure it's nothing serious, so I'm not as worried about it as I was before. If it continues to hurt less and less, I may just leave it.

Other than that, like I said, I really love them. I feel more proportionate and they are the exact size I wanted. They're continuing to get softer and starting to resemble natural boobs more and more. I think in another month they'll look quite natural.

I haven't done much bra shopping, but I'm struggling with it. I'm wearing either a 34D, 34DD, and sometimes 34DDD. We don't have a VS where I live so it's slim pickings unless you want to spend a fortune. And considering I don't need the support, I really don't want to buy super expensive bras. But the store we have here (La Senza) basically offers nothing in my size. I found 1 bra that actually fit, but the straps are wide (for support) and it has a massive amount of underwire. So I never wear it. I still rock my sports bra whenever I can, haha. But, since I'm a stay at home mom, it kind of works for me.

I feel that I can finally say that this surgery is WORTH IT, and I don't regret my decision. The only way it would have been better is if I had done it before having my little one. But, I wasn't sure how my breasts would look after pregnancy, so I wanted to wait. Still, I am incredibly happy. Love wearing bikinis now, and I finally feel confident enough to wear strapless dresses and shirts. I feel very happy with my body. If any of you ladies thinking about getting BA have any questions for me, feel free to comment!

Almost 4 Months

Nothing new to report other than I'm still very happy with my results. Starting to get "boob envy" which I heard is common. I feel like I should have went a bit bigger. But it may be because I'm getting so used to them and have this permanent mentality in my mind that I have no boobs! I often completely forget I have them. It's a strange feeling. Here are some photo updates. Not sure if my left side is bottoming out or if it's just the shape of my breast. It doesn't look bad from the front. My doctor and hubby say I look very proportionate but my left side is smaller and it really annoys me! That being said, I think it's just the shape of my breasts and wasn't as noticeable when they were small. If I had gone up 25cc's in my left, I'm not sure if it would have evened them out. It does bug me but I'm still overall quite happy with them. What do you ladies think?!

5 Months Post-op

I'm still very happy with my results! When they say it takes 6 months for them to completely heal, it's totally true. I still notice that they're changing (for the better). I'm booked into to have my lymph node (that swelled after surgery) removed. Not looking forward to that, but it still hurts when I overexert my right arm so I really need to have it done. Apparently the procedure only takes about 20 minutes, so hopefully it won't be too bad!


So for those of you who have been following my review, you'll know that I mentioned having a reactive lymph node which I discovered about day 5 after my surgery. It's located at the top of my right breast on the side near my armpit. Anyway, at first it caused me a ton of pain, and it subsided a bit but never went away completely. Lifting my daughter has been a nightmare for the past 6 months because I hold her on that side and it's always pressing on the 'lymph node'. Also, it's become painful anytime I overuse my right arm.

So I decided to have it removed since it was either that or biopsy it. I had initially agreed to the biopsy, but when I showed up at the Hospital, the doctor helping me wasn't prepared with an ultrasound. Once I told him where the lymph node was in relation to my implant, he was not okay with basically 'going in blind'. So that was a piss off and a waste of my time. Instead of re-booking another biopsy with an u/s, I opted to just have it cut out by my surgeon.

I went in today to have the procedure done. He inserted a needle with freezing and then made an incision near my armpit to remove the 'lymph node'. Once he started to cut I involuntarily gasped (from pain) because he had to go so far into the muscle that it wasn't frozen. So then he injected more freezing in the area (which helped). Then all of a sudden, he said "What the hell is that?!" which obviously freaked me out! And he pulled out this plastic little cap and showed it to me.

So the lump I had been experiencing pain from was not a lymph node, but this little piece of plastic that obviously got left behind somehow during my surgery. He said over and over that there was no way he could have left that in there. And also said that none of his instruments have a piece like that on them. I've never had any other surgeries or stitches and this lump showed up right after my BA so what else am I supposed to think? Obviously it was left in there.

Now I'm beside myself and don't know what to do. After the procedure, blood began pooling around my implant so he had to insert a drain. Now I have this drain sticking out of me, stitches, and a ton of pain since my muscle was once again torn apart. I really like my surgeon - he has good bedside manner and is very kind. But this is really upsetting to me! Don't know what to do.

A Few More Photos

Good News

So I finally got this stupid drain out on Tuesday and my incision seems to be healing well. When I went to my surgeon I brought up the cap thing again and he admitted and said it must have been from the surgery (obviously). He said that he was in such shock when he saw it that he couldn't believe it because he couldn't think of anything that it could have came off of. But my (family) doctor confirmed what I thought and said it likely came off the suction device they use to clean out the area before inserting the implants. That's the only thing I could think of it being too...and my surgeon said it was probably from that as well.

After getting that out of the way, I told him that I understand that these things happen (and it sucks) but I know that it was unintentional and I still find him to be a good surgeon. He really IS a very nice, caring person and this is why I had such a morale dilemma after this happened (in regards to seeking out legal help). I'm a good judge of character and I wouldn't have gotten the surgery done by him if I hadn't felt this initially. That being said, it still shouldn't have happened...but I don't think (in my case) it was a result of him being careless and negligent.

I told him that it would make me a lot happier if he would agree to reimburse me for part of my surgery. I told him I'm not a greedy person, but I do feel like when you pay for something - you expect what you paid for. And although I'm incredibly happy with my results, I am not happy with the fact that I was subjected to 6 months of unnecessary pain and yet another (albeit minor, but annoying) surgery. He agreed with me and asked what I thought was fair. I told him $3,000.00 (my surgery was $9450.00. I know...if you're an American and reading this your jaw probably just dropped haha). He said he was okay with that and wrote me a cheque right then and there!

I know he could have just done this to 'shut me up', but really, he could have easily said no so I'm appreciative of what he did for me. I'm still mad that this happened. But as long as nothing goes wrong from this point on and I don't experience any more pain, I'll be a happy camper. Just knowing that (once this incision heals), I won't have CONSTANT pain in that area is exciting in itself.

And to be honest, I would have paid way more in legal fees than I would receive in retribution if I had taken a legal route - Canada malpractice cases cap at $250,000 (and that's for someone who is a paraplegic because of negligence), so I would have gotten next to nothing.

The only thing I won't be doing now is writing a letter to the College of Physicians or reporting this to client care at our hospital. Had he not admitted to it, I would have likely taken those steps. Even if he refused to reimburse me, I wouldn't have. Once he actually admitted it to me, it made me feel a lot better.

Regardless of everything I just said - ladies, please take care of yourselves! If you notice something amiss after your surgery, don't just leave it thinking that it'll go away or that it's normal. And if your surgeon tries to shrug it off like it's normal (mine didn't fortunately), get a second opinion! Even if you think you 'deserve' it if something goes wrong because you assumed the risks of an elective surgery, you DON'T!

Thanks to all the ladies who supported me during this - I appreciate it!!

1 Year Later

Well here I am... Almost 1 year out from getting my surgery! I am very happy with my results and I finally feel like they are a part of me. The healing process took a long time for me. Mostly because of the cap that was left in my right side. You can see the scar from getting it surgically removed in my latest pictures. After getting the cap removed, I still had a lot of discomfort in the muscle on my right side because it had to heal all over again. I started working out again (finally) and did have quite a bit of pain in that muscle for the first month or so. But it seems that lifting weights has actually helped it heal and I'm now pain free. The biggest piece of advice I could give to anyone planning or thinking about getting breast augmentation is that everyone heals differently and to be aware of the potential complications. Know that you MIGHT experience a complication and ensure that you're mentally prepared to deal with that. And you also have to be aware that recovery does not happen overnight. I can only speak for myself of course and I don't say this to scare anyone. But I was under the impression that this would be a much easier surgery than it turned out to be. Obviously my case is a bit unique because I had something quite rare happen, but the surgery itself took a toll on me for sure! I just want to say good luck to any of the ladies out there waiting to go in for surgery. Thanks for following my story and for all of your kind words! Please message or comment if you have any questions for me - I'm always happy to help any ladies who are thinking of getting the surgery or are in the recovery stages!
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