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I am currently working in the Philippines and had...

I am currently working in the Philippines and had ReFirme and Matrix done here on 11/21. I had been debating it for a few  months and decided to have it done just before I went back to the USA for a 2 week vacation. I flew back home to Texas on 11/22 and about a week after I arrived some of my USA co-workers were telling me that I must have had fun in the Philippines since I was looking so "rested". Little did they know that  I just had the Refirme done about a week prior to me seeing them.

Once I returned back to the Philippines (on 12/6) I met a person here that I also work with and they told me that my vacation in the USA must have been fun since I looked so "rested" which I thought was funny since they had just told me that in the States !

In any case - I do notice a BIG difference in my wrinkles and I am definitately going back to have a few more treatments done while I am still based in the Philippines (and it is less expensive here with the exchange rate !!)

in case you're wondering, I was just 50 years old (my b'day is on 11/28) and I only had one treatment done so far. Since the results are so noticeable, I can only imagine what I will look like when I complete the 5 treatments !!! I had no pain whatsoever and went shopping right after the procedure. I plan on having my neck done during the next treatment on 12/27.

Dr. Regina Grace Buzon-Llorin

Dr Regina Buzon-Llorin at Dr. Belo's Clinic. She explained the procedure throughly (versus other procedures and their results)and was talking me through the entire "surgery" during the treatment. I experienced no pain and was very satisfied with her recommendations for treatments.

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