26 Years Old, 2 Kids 5ft Tall 120 Lbs - Redwood City, CA

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I'm going for my pre auth this Thursday I'm a...

I'm going for my pre auth this Thursday I'm a small b right now full a. The dr told me 450cc high profile silicon implants will look on me. Under the muscle and local anesthesia. I'm hoping to be a full c small d. I wonder how good is to the the surgery awake. Has anyone done breast surgery awake? How long do I need to take off work? Pls help.

Tomorrow is the big day:)

So I have two kids ages 6 and 2. I'm not sure how long should I hide from them at home. Normally they like to gig me as soon as they see me and my little one wants me to carry her. I'm going for 450 high profile. They are going to give me adivant. I'm not going to be put to sleep. I'm hoping after my surgery the pain level will be like breast full of milk. I return back to work on Monday. Anyone have the same problem with their kids ????

Day 1

I'm not comfortable at all. I feel pressure on my chest and back during surgery I felt lots of pressure but nothing' sharp. Dr rap me up so I will get to see them this Thursday. When I get up I feel I do a lot of pressure , is that bad?

4days of recovery:(

I'm not sure what to say I see a lot of girls in this page with better looking boobs . I feel mine are to high and squared:(

5 days post up

I still feel pressure in my back. I'm hoping they aren't to big for my body. I still sleep in my seat recliner. Going back to work on Monday and have a week post cheack up on Thursday. I'll keep you guys updated
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