32 Year Old Mom of 4 Getting Breast Aug and Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair and Hernia Fixed. Redding, CA

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Well it's so surreal but in just a few days I will...

Well it's so surreal but in just a few days I will be getting my mommy make over.... I'm a 34AA that nursed or was pregnant a totally of ten years. My cheast got up too a 36 D at the biggest while nursing... So to say they are sad empty breast would be a under statement lol. I am very active and currently lift weights heavy 6 days a week. I do fitness competitions as well. I am getting a tummy tuck mainly to fix my severe muscle separation along with a hernia repair. I have some saggy skin but not too bad so the scar will be more of a mini tummy tuck scar and my belly button will be floated down a inch. I'm so very happy to be having this done cause my bloating gets out of control eating just about anything cause there is so much separation.
Right now I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row so that im ready next week for what's about to go down lol.


Well here are some pictures from right before my fitness competition and you can see how lean I got but just how bad my abs are! Like I said not a ton of extra skin but I'll take a little scar if it means my abs can be put back together and my hernia fixed... Also that when I eat anything it won't show haha. (Excuse the mess ????


Haha so 3 days out from surgery... All I dream about or think about is this. Haha not bad dreams thank God. But just dreams all night about going in and how the outcome will be.
I feel pretty calm actually. I'm more nervous about puking after, and not eating or drinking the whole day. The thing with my training for fitness competition I eat ever 2-3 hours and drink a gallon of water a day. So not being able to. It seems like it's going to be so hard! I usually get so hungry if I go past 3 hours without eating it makes me want to throw up just from not eating. Any tips on this? Ha

Ok getting anxious...

I have been running around like a made woman! Trying to get things ready for my hubby and kids to make there lives a little easier. I'm going to be staying at my mom and dads house the first few days so my hubby will be home with the kids. Just easier than trying to find a place for all four to go. Trying to get my house as clean as possible. I workout tomorrow for the last time until I'm recovered!! Its sad actually. I go normally 6 days a week and love all the people there. Can't wait to just get this show on the road so I can get better and get back to life :)
Also thoughts on my size I picked. I went in saying I want to be a large b small c so I chose 350cc some people say they this that's too big? But it seems to me that it should be fine? What do yall think? I'm a 34AA now. Also here's a big question... Now I have a pretty big pain tolerance... Had all my baby's with no drugs. Now when I hear people say the first week is hell! I think labor for a week long. ???? is that what it feels like? Is it sharp pains? Dull pain? Both and all with everything in between? Lol just lay it to me straight!

TOMORROW is the day

My PS has me drink magnesium citrate after lunch today to bring on the cleaned out bows haha tmi... then only clear liquids till midnight then the nothing begins ha. Today I also had my last workout at the gym for a while and I started to tear up. It's pretty much my second home... I'm there 6 days a week, I have been training with my trainer for almost two years. And I'm going to miss it. But it's going to be good I'll get through it and be so happy and flat stomach with boobs wahoo lol
I wish I had the happy drugs now! Ha

I'm alive and made it!

Doing pretty well :) I'll update more later but just letting yak know it went great :) I better stop writing cause so loopy lol


Excuse all of the typos I'm still very drugged. He lowered where my breast Crees is so my implants still need to settle down into that pocket right now they look a little funny but I am not even half a day out from surgery. So I will be patient and wait for them to heal up. He was able to put my scar really low like I wanted so that when I put on my bikini I'll be able to hide it really well. The thing that hurts the worst are my tops of my shoulders and neck and two pillows parked underneath them so they don't hang down.i'm sitting in a recliner which I don't know how I would do it without one. they kept my catheter in and showed us how to take it out for tomorrow so it's really nice, or my doctor will take it out when he comes too see me on Friday... I don't have to get up and go Pee. I have one drain and a pain pump got a love the pain pump. Sleeping on and off. It's so weird how all you remember is being in preop and then nothing after. I guess they say I was very chatty and informative about fitness stuff before I went under. I so wish I would've known everything that I said it's actually kind of frustrating I don't remember lol. One weird thing my left hand my thumb, pointer your finger and middle finger are numb tingly feeling it fell asleep. Any body else ever have that happen?

More pain today but doing good

My binder was sooo tight. And since it was folding over and digging into me they said we could Move it. I hope its wrapped tight enough ... Def more sore today! Took a whole pain pill this morning instead of just half.

Holy moly

I'm so drugged up like I can't see straight. Ha ha.. I'm taking norco for pain it not the best.... Also a muscle relaxer, It only last about 2-3 hours... And tips? Should I switch pain killers? Or just alternate Advil with norco?)

Puking OUCH

Gosh I really hope I didn't hurt my self puking today.. The top part of my abs are really sore now. Anyone else puke after tummy tuck?

Muscle spasm

Any body have these were you can't get a deep breath in? I'm trying really hard to take deep breath but when I breath in my muscle contracs and take my breath away?

Welcome to hell

Wow I knew this was going to be rough but I didn't realize how trapped I was going to feel. I deal with anxiety and it's been a constant battle I'm my head! The burning pain would be that bad if muscles would stop spasming I need to take a laxative tonight so I can go poo! I got the ok to take a shower but haven't cause I could barely get up. Anyone else's heart race and pound really bad?


Wow this stuff is no joke.... I feel so drugged but not in pain very much. I took 1 last time. But think next time I'll 1/2. Better stop typing cause I'm out haha


Well after 4 days of pain so bad it often felt like child birth at some points.and barely being about to breath. My fever got up too 102.6 and heart racing pretty bad. We decided to run to the ER. They gave me some stuff stronger than morphine it works great my heart rate still about 160. So after a EKG CAT scan and chest x-ray they decided I needed surgery again to bsee why I had so much air in my abdomen. Also with my oxygen levels at 60 heart rate 160. My PS was great and went up with the general surgeon to see if he could just reopen the original TT incision and he closed me up. (If he had not been there they were going to cut up and down.) so off to surgery I went. AGAIN. I came out of surgery and the anesthesiologist says to me It's really good you came in when you did because if you would have waited a day or so it could have killed you... They took out ten inches of large intestine that was dying. And leaking/bowl obstruction. It was no were near where my plastic surgeon was Working on. There is no way to know if and had been there before. So needless to say it is been a very emotional and uexhausting day. I can already Breath better since the pressure of all of the air in my abdomen isn't pushing on my lungs anymore. I'll update more later I'm so drugged. Crazy to think that this TT AND BA could have saved my life.. We will never know.


In in icu heart unit... Was having problems with my heart racing and temp was spiked again....... So they got it down with liquid Tylenol (since I still only eat ice chips) first time I have been able to take a desent breath they have had me on Dilaudid (7x stronger than morphing) for day now and was doing fine....Well last night after have a 2 pint blood transfusion since they think my anemia played a part in the whole heart racing thing. Well at this point everyone left it bed time and Im left to deel with major anxiety so I start to deal with heart racing stuff... But the deal is I start to dose off then my body relaxing too much and then start jumping and my heart racing cause it hEart woke me up from holding my breath. Then I start to react to Dilaudid really bad like a major acid trip! like little exoteric shocks all around :) so they take me off they Dilaudid and the good nurse comes back to work! Praise Jesus cause the night nurse I feel I could have done a better job with a weeks training lol. And ways they put me on morohine which now feel like baby aspirin lol and I feel like after 2 surgeries in 4 days a truck ran me over and chopped me up lol. In lots of pain but happy to be alive will be in here a few more days.... Right now I need to pass gas!! Well then poop! Ha the boobs are Starting to drop I just haven't been working on them till I meant with the doc today....he's come and seen me everyday. There was a 0.01% chance this would happen and it was not his fault at all! He's so great! And the General surgeon who saved my life and made it to were I don't have to wear a colostomy bag on the out side of my stomach


Ok so sorry I have been silent! It has been a hellish week in the hospital. But all in all I'm a blessed girl! The fact that on the seventh I went in for cosmetic surgery a 4 days later went in to the ER and had emergency surgery with a perforated bowel had bowel removed. It's a crazy rare thing. Still waiting for the pathology report to come back to see why my bowels perforated. It was not the surgeons fault at all because of where the bowls were located at nowhere near my surgery. Days in the hospital had been filled more with surviving getting through the excruciating pain and not so much focused on the fact that I just had cosmetic surgery to start. My body has been through it this two surgeries in a week the second one was very painful recovering from.but as I sit in the hospital room not being able to sleep well because well I'm uncomfortable and sleeping here is hard! Ha I can't wait and am happy to say that almost 100% I get to come home in the next 24 hours! I hope so I need out of here!! Well and yesterday I had some soup puréed that my mom made chicken broth carrots and a little ginger with Sea salt it was so good. This is a very good sign because I have not been eating. I have to take it very slow! Oh on a Nother note my amazing plastic surgeon who I cannot sing his praises more! He saved me from having a huge scar on my side up and down and had them use the same incisions he used when he went in the the other surgeon. He took my staples out and took my last drain out. Everything is looking nicely. All though I hate wearing the binder it's from hell! Lol and the breast band thing is horrible! I had to take it off tonight to sleep I just couldn't do it! Hope that's not bad but oh well.


Here are pictures :) I have lost ten pounds and am so weak but getting there.


Progress soo slow! Lol and gas pain holy crap! But doing ok. One amazing thing my hubs rented me a recliner. One that lifts and helps you out so I can get up by my self and pee haha. I'm just taking Advil right now! I was on so many drugs in the hospital and I hate being high! I could never be a drug addict haha. The worst feeling ever! I was finally able to put on a t-shirt and see what I look like.

Bad day

Puked this morning and have not been reeling very well :( think the Advil is messing with me... So weird how one day is great and one day not.


So finally feeling a little better since yesterday. Not liking anymore and eating a little. My stomach just can't handle most food now. I eat broth and a couple veggies cooked down to mush. Or yogurt and banana. So it's slow moving. But I'll get there. Still super weak Barley getting up. I'm not sure if that cause I have lost so much weight and I'm not eating enough or that's normal post mommy makeover stuff. I don't know what to expect sometimes for which surgery haha. But I'm doing better than a couple days ago. And PRAISE GOD for gas x! Ha

Dress up

Well today after eating my yogurt and sleeping in my bed. I had a little energy to be up for about 15 mins to try on a couple dresses I could wear before. :) it's fun playing dress up. I had to sit back down pretty soon after cause I started getting dizzy and wobbly. But baby steps :)


Well today I had my first outing besides the doctors office :) I went and saw my daughter do a little play. It was nice to be out. I had to sit lots and my legs still kinda feel like they will give out when I walk. But I have been able to eat more normal food. Slowly adding in new food. And living on gas x and antacids. Haha. Also I went to the doctor and got the pathology repost back it shows that they have no idea how my bowels perforated. they also took out my appendix along with the ten inches of bowel. So I have another apt with my other surgeon in a week. I feel like I'm starting to recover well now. Still sleeping in my recliner that we rented. This is a life saver!


So i feel my swelling isn't too bad and my scar I think is a little more gnarly since I had surgery twice in four days and they had that thing stretched way open! So I hear. But I feel after time it will of course get better. I'm happy with how low it is so I'll easily be able to cover it up with a bikini and when I do my fitness competitions I think also be able to cover it up. One thing I can not wait to wax!! Lol driving me crazy! Also I so hate this binder! When you sit they just dig in to my stomach and does not feel great... I take mine off if I'm laying flat for a little bit. (Doc said I could) 3.5 more weeks then it's coming off! Yay

Meds and energy

So I know I went through more than just the normal surgery but where the heck is my energy? I'm able to move around more. But my legs still feel like they will give out when walking. Maybe it's cause of the weight I lost and strength I lost. I don't know what symptoms are from what surgery. Ha. I'm 3 weeks post op today from my second surgery. Only taking tylenol wish I could take some Advil to help with inflammation. But it's just to harsh on my tummy. When did you guys stop taking narcotics? Or any pain meds for that matter

Scar treatment

What did you use to treat your TT scars and when did you start doing it? I want to start treating it but would like to use the best I can. I figure you all know best :)


When did you guys get to sleep on your stomachs? I'm so tired of sleeping in my back! Haha. I was up for a total of about a hour and a half yesterday. Tried to do some laundry and made my self food. I accidentally had a small amount of gluten last night for dinner so my tummy is a little off last night and today. But I managed to take some pictures. One side still is playing catch up and a little swollen. Hope it catches up. After losing 15 pounds I have put back on about 3 pounds :) now that I can't eat more normal food :) can't wait till I can workout!! My butt has gone flat I have lost so much muscle.


I have tried to post this about 20 times hope it works this time! When did you guys get to sleep on your stomachs? I'm so tired of sleeping in my back! Haha. I was up for a total of about a hour and a half yesterday. Tried to do some laundry and made my self food. I accidentally had a small amount of gluten last night for dinner so my tummy is a little off last night and today. But I managed to take some pictures. One side still is playing catch up and a little swollen. Hope it catches up. After losing 15 pounds I have put back on about 3 pounds :) now that I can't eat more normal food :) can't wait till I can workout!! My butt has gone flat I have lost so much muscle.

Shopping, rib cage, boobs and picture

Ok so why does this website lose our posts all the time?! lol well anyways. Yesterday was the first day I had been out and about a lot. I did pretty good. It still hard walking up stairs. My legs get so tired it's hard to lift them up. But I'm just trying to push my self a little so I get strength back. I also went shopping at a closet sale ( glorified yard sale but with lots of my friends great cloths all selling at the same time) I got some really cute stuff to fitncleanmom my new boobs :) it's so nice not having to worry about a bra! Haha no more devilish strapless bras that don't fit cause I was to small. Anyways I'm loving my boobs. One side is still stiffer. Hopefully they both even out and get loose. Is that normal? Also I don't know what they did to my rib cage but it still takes my breath away to breath deep. It's in the front and side under my right breast.


So here are some pictures. I'm very happy with my boobs progress. They finally are loose enough to squished together and make cleavage yay :) the scars are looking good. They are a little red cause of this dumb bra underwire. But the bra is shaping the bottoms Nicely the double bubble is going away more and more :)


So I went to my doctor yesterday that did my emergency surgery on my perforated bowel's. It went really well I got cleared to drive and he told me I can work out into two weeks. He also ease my mind when I asked him if I need to start avoiding anything because of my surgery and he said no he expects a full recovery and I can resume life. also got the okay to have sex ha ha still don't think I'm ready... Cause I'm hurting but good to know we have the ok Heath wise! Also I went bra shopping!! Got measured and I'm a 34 D I was kinda shocked but sure enough i but the thing on and it fit perfect ???? I could also fit a 36c but the 36 is a bit big.


Well I started crying tonight cause I feel so unattractive in anything dressy or tight. My ass is the same size as my waist it feels and my love handles. I feel like one size from under my boobs down. So going out with my hubs tonight I just wore a big sweater dress tights and heels... (Which I held on to my hubs the whole time) I'm kinda wishing I would have gotten lipo on my flanks! :( hopefully it's just swelling? But it's prob fat too. Since I'm not doing anything. I did lose lots of weight but im concerned the little im gaining back is just flab. I know I'll get my body back. But working so hard for over two years on my body and then just watching it go away is making me emotional. I keep telling my self its all normal and give my self time but in my head I just see my body going to crap. (Also just as a disclaimer I know I'm not fat I just want shape back!) I know I'm still small I just needed to vent.. I'll suck it up and be ok

Swell hell and other stuff

How long does it last? Haha. My husband is out of town till Tuesday (on business). Lucky I have lots of help from my mom. But is it the children's bed time yet??? Ha. Also my beloved recliner has to be picked up Tuesday :( I have had it for a month. I will miss it! I still sleep in it most nights. Man recovery is kicking my ass. I'm feeling pretty good but I do just a little bit and end up Layed out for a day or two. My friend who had this all done 12 weeks ago is just now feeling normal. Crazy how long it takes for some. Anyway my lower back is doing a little better now but the ribs on my rib in the front and side still hurt like crazy when I breath deep. I have my next PS apt on the 26th. We will see if I get the ok to do light gym work!

It was a good day today

This has been by far my best day so far I took the kids to school then came home and rested for little bit and took my husband to work went then two stores. picked up my preschooler and went and met my mom at the gym to say hi to everybody and grab some lunch. Then went to another store to get dog food, then trader joes for a few groceries. Picked the older kids from school and then came home visited with a great friend. The. Ready for it?? I made dinner!! I felt the most normal I have. (Still have a ways but getting there) i still walk a little funny and really fast and get dizzy if I turn too quickly. Although it's 7 o'clock and I think I just hit a wall I'm a little tired. I had a busy day and of course I am swollen! I'm also waiting for my period to happen!!

Update ????

Well it's been a few days and busy ones at that. We are redoing our bathroom floors well mainly my husband because I can't do much right now except paint. I got down on the ground and painted some boards. After painting just four boards my legs were trembling haha. I was so sore the next day it's pretty funny. Then yesterday I painting some more and a friend that helps me clean my house came and helped me organized my daughters room for 4 hours.???? so yeah my back is really sore now. But I'm so GLAD to be more active! It's good to have sore muscles again and not just sore from surgery. It means these muscles are starting to work again and not just atrophy away. Sunday marked 6 weeks since my second emergency surgery. And tomorrow marks 7 weeks since my TT and BA. Wow it has went by fast but still felt like forever that I have had to recover. I said goodbye to the recliner a couple days ago. It was a life saver!!! Tomorrow is the day my PS tells me if I get the ok to workout!! I can't wait. My personal trainer says that he's just going to have me do 20 minute lite workouts at first and then I'll sit on the recumbent bike and do a little bit of cardio. Then I'll be on my way to getting my muscle back! ????????


So I went to my plastic surgeon for postop appointment and he gave me the go-ahead to start working out. I am so excited I worked out with my trainer today we worked out for about 75 minutes but really slow and easy.My PS invited me and my hubs to enjoy a bottle of wine and hash out all my gut issues and see if we could figure out if there was something wrong before. He's hilarious he's so determined to try and figure out why this happened. (It wasn't him) I kinda think he wants to write a paper on it. He has mentioned it before. Ha any ways so here are some workout gym selfies! Yay!!!! I'm just on a high from today! I just missed my gym life so much. :)

Faint bruising?

So I went to take a picture of my tummy and scar and noticed that it still looks like faint bruising on my upper abs. They are still all tender to touch. And still feel swollen a little even though my tummy is pretty flat it feel a little thick ha. I guess they say it take 6 months for it to fully go away.


Ok please tell me this is not what my tummy will look like in the end! I'm happy with how flat it is although still feels a little think. But it seems lumpy lol. And when I bend down its like my skin sticks to my abs if that makes any sense. im hoping that it's just still some swelling. My abs are actually still pretty sore. What do you guys think? I now I have some fat on them. But it's didnt used to look like that when I had fat on my tummy tummy before.

More pictures

So I have been getting super frustrated with the flab I have collected from sitting on my butt for 7 weeks. But then I look at before pictures and feel happier. I know how to work the flab off and lean up. Now being back at the gym even though I can't push it hard it's good to see muscles coming back. I'm actually gaining weight since coming back to the gym. Well cause muscle is coming back on. :) this before picture is from when I was well into my bulking phase a few months ago getting ready for the next competition before he cutting and leaning down began. It's where you eat a lot trying to put on as much muscle as you can fast. I love that in my after picture I have a waist now that they closed up the ab separation. :) I have also started a cold laser treatment on my scar. Hope that helps :)

Update :)

Ok so here's a update. I have been working out now for a week and a half well almost two weeks. Feels great being back. My trainer and I have modified workouts so I don't hurt my self. I have noticed my abs are more sore and stiff with some slit swelling above the belly button. I'm doing NO ab workouts but I think just being more active is making them sore. The last couple days It has felt really tight and I can't stand up and straight. I'm wearing my binder tonight while I sleep to see if it helps any. I'm kinda bummed cause I need my belly button fixed I think. I'll wait till more swelling goes down but I don't want to be out of the gym longer. But it looks like a line lol. Because my tummy wasn't pulled crazy tight and I didn't have a lot of skin anyways he just did a floating BB a inch lower than it was before. Now I think he needs to fix it. Cause I'm embarrassed by it. We go to Hawaii in June and I really want it to be all cute :)


Update.... my belly button is looking a little better still think ill need to have it fixed but my swelling is still flaring up so I want to see it when it's all normal. I feel like my body was in starvation mode and now that I'm eating food my body is just holding on to every bit of fat lol. Ugh im trying to get my macros back to normal. I need my protein intake to go up. This is so hard taking things slow I want to lean down!! Ha and get my muscle back.


Ok so I know I had two surgeries in 4 days and almost died then lost weight and muscle also basically laid in bed for 7 weeks. With very little activity.... Unless you count the doctors office. I have been back to the gym for 3 weeks now taking it pretty slow for me and working with my trainer who is watching me like a hawk. I'm wondering when do you get back to running after a TT with hernia and major muscle repair including my colon surgery. It feels like my abs are still so sore. I can't sit up by my self with out grabbing onto something to help my self up. Sneezing and coughing still hurts. I'm not a big runner but I do sprints for cardio often... Or I mean I USED too. I'm wondering when you guys think I should feel better enough to do them. Cause I feel like now if I tried it would just be so painful!


I'm exhausted this week. We have been doing some painting in our house and baseball started... So it's been none stop. I felt like I was getting more swollen this past week. Then I started my period and suddenly remembered I'm not fat. Lol gotta love how it messes with your head. Anyways here is my tummy this am. Getting less puffy.


Starting to feel a little bit normal. Except abs still sore. Still swelling lower down. And belly button still weird ha. But doing pretty good. Working out is going great. I'm up too 60 mins weight lifting session, then 30 mins cardio 5 days a week. Still not 100% going all out but getting there :) right now I'm slowly starting to lean down and possibly looking to do a show in October.. But still not sure I will be ready. It takes a lot of work and can be hard on the tummy a so I don't want to put it through anything to hard if it can't handle it ha.

Feeling pretty good

So I have a great before and after of how sick I looked and skinny I got to now. I got down too 105 now I'm about 122 feeling stronger everyday. I finally just put in my belly button ring after years of not wearing it... When your belly button is herniated having a ring on it looks funny haha. Well one good thing about my stomach still being numb is I had to push the ring through very hard cause the hole had shrunk. But I couldn't feel it lol. Still have swelling some days worst then others. Also I forget if I shared this on here but I got my diamond reset. We are calling it my yay I'm alive ring! Haha im in love with it!


Crazy it's been 3 and a half months! I'm feeling more normal day by day.. My ab muscles are still sore. Some days swelling still get bad by the end of the day. I have resumed most workouts except still no ab workouts and some chest exercises are a no no. My cardio is about 35-45 5 days a week and lifting weights 5 days a week for a hour. I have been taking the weekends off to rest but I did go on my first jog yesterday with my dog :) and I didn't have any out of the normal pain! Yay. I think I'm waiting on the revisions till after summer.. I don't want to be all swollen for swim suit season lol. But also my belly button is looking better and the belly ring hides it for the most part now :) here are some pictures. My quads are coming back I'm starting to lean down right now cause if I do a show in the fall I want to be in a good place to start and not have to kill it so much to lean down. I am finally getting happy with my tummy... For a while I was like crap what did I do!!!! Lol but all of you help so much in saying be patient :)

Does anyone have this?

Ugh stupid swelling!! It's still here some days good and some bad is it normal?

How long will it be Knumb?

How long does the Knumb stomach last? Down the whole center of my abs and wider the lower it gets. I know it can last a while but just wondering. Also here's a picture :)

5 month update

So far about the same... Still feel swollen about half way through the days sometimes even in the morning. Still Knumb on basically all the middle of my torso. But still sore even if I little pinch my skin. Or push to hard. Boobs feel totally normal though.
What's weird is when I lay out or get really HOTT like in the sauna all where I'm Knumb turns red... Would it maybe be cause of inflammation still? It's so weird!

Updated pictures

Here's some pictures. Got a little sun burnt today where apparently I didn't get sunscreen lol... But scars are looking ok.

6 months

Wow it's been six months still can't feel lots of my stomach it still gets really red when I get hot. But I'm pretty happy with how flat it is. My boobs honestly I feel I could have gone bigger but I'm glad they are smaller. I actually just wish they were higher but in order for them to be I would have to have HOTT e lots bigger or a lift. So they are good and my hubs is happy ;) they do look more natural I think, hanging lower. Scars under the breasts are great my TT scar is still pretty dark and raised in the middle but having it reopened for the second emergency surgery kinda jacked it a little and it's taking longer to heal. But it's so low you can't see it. My belly button is pretty good now. But have some revisions for lipo low around the scar and.lower belly :) but I'm waiting till after fall. Here are some pictures :)

Wow 7 months!!

So crazy it's been 7 months! Most everything is healed but I still have a raised scare in the center of it. The ends are flat but not the middle. And I'm still freaking numb! So annoying! It feels so gross. And the small parts where I have feeling are sore still. My belly button is so much better and I'm happy to say my finish competition bikini pretty much hides my low scar. I still swell at night most days. Like a tiny pooch at the bottom of the belly where the scar is. I'm peeping for my two shows I'm doing in October and November. But still having to eat right for my gut health too with all the crap (literally ????) that happened. So it's a little tricky. I still wish I got lipo on my flanks and hips. It would have made this process of leaning down a lot easier haha. Those are my problem areas and they hang on till the end I hate it! Happy with my boobs although they still have a little double bubble that need to be fixed but I'm waiting for after my comps in the winter.

Almost 8 months and still some swelling I think

So when I get hot I still turn red down the center of my tummy and in the middle of my scar it's still very raised. I'm wondering if it seems to still have swelling cause workout so much (2 hours 5-6 days a week) maybe taking longer to heal? Not sure. But anyways doing pretty well. This Pepe for this show has been a lot harder to shred like last time I think my body has just change from the extreme stress it went through with all that happened after. I may need to pick another show about 12 weeks down the road if I don't lean down enough in time. :)

It's been a Year since the first surgery

It's been a year since the first surgery (4 days and it will be a year since my second) my scare is doing better it still not healed all the way, that second emergency surgery really did a number on it. But it's so low it doesn't really matter. I still have numbness on most of the central part of my tummy. As high as about 2 inches a above my belly button. I still need my doc to fix my double bubble on my left breast. But I don't really even care. Lol it not like I walk around naked. ;) I'm happy with the size I got. I could have gone bigger so that it would fill my skin out but I'm glad I didn't. I never knew it would take this long to heal. The fact that I still get some swelling down by my incision is nuts to me! Haha but hey I'm alive and happy so that's good. ????

2 years

So it's been two years and because I had so many complications even if they were unrelated to the surgery it's been a crazy two years.I tried to do another competition a couple times but I kept getting sick so I stopped. finally this last few months went to a natural-path doctor I got a bunch of blood work done and was put on a diet too help with inflammation. My immune system is basically shot. But now I'm losing weight and feeling health. Still lifting all the time.

2 year Scar update

Forgot to add pictures of the scar. Now remember I had two surgeries within four days and they had to re-open up everything the second surgery was not for plastic surgery but to save my life so the scar is not that beautiful. But it is so low it's hidden by my underwear. And like I said I have dealt with a lot of inflammation that still hasn't healed all the way so even the middle part of my scar is still raised and read after two years.
Dr Wong

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