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Hello! I had my procedure done today... just a few...

Hello! I had my procedure done today... just a few hours ago! That's how excited I am. I have had unattractive/uncomfortable labia minora my whole life. It has only gotten progressively worse with age, and I am just recently out of a two year relationship where we had sex almost every day. I felt like having sex every day made my labia even worse, so now that the relationship ended I decided to go through with the procedure. Sex has always been uncomfortable for me, I always felt shy and never wanted to have sex with the lights on because of it. I will be honest, I chose Dr. Wong because of the one other review on this website and I saw how reasonable the price was! At first of course I was skeptical, with my friend saying "don't just take the cheaper route, that could mean a bad surgeon" but I was absolutely pleased with his before/after photos of the other procedures, and the one other review on this website. I think I made the right decision, he was a very easy going doctor and although right now I am only a few hours post so it is pretty swollen, but I could tell right after that I will be satisfied with the results when it is fully healed (I will post pictures when it's healed). I traveled here all the way from New York because it was the lowest cost I have found in the country! Dr. Wong was able to consult with me for free over the phone, I sent him photos and then he called me to discuss everything. I was visiting my cousin in San Francisco, and I drove up to Redding (about 3 hours away). I am not your usual plastic surgery patient- I don't usually care about cosmetic appearance and I am most definitely not rich. I applied for Care Credit and got approved for a decent amount (they offer no interest if paid within 6 months). Another great perk about Dr. Wong is that he offers a revision for only $150 , at a minimum of 6 months later. This is great because obviously, you can't take off too much- it doesn't grow back like your hair. So he took off what he thought would be enough, and I think it will be fine, but the good thing is if I want a little bit more taken off I can do a revision in 6 months after it is almost fully healed, if it will be necessary. The procedure was not painful, unfortunately I drove my self to the appointment so I couldn't take any pre-meds, but if you can get a ride do that so you won't feel the injections much either !!! The local anesthetic injections hurt a little bit but it's over quickly, I didn't feel anything during the actual procedure. I was lying there talking and laughing to Dr. Wong and the nurse the whole time! (talking made time go a lot quicker, and I was probably just babbling because of the nerves). His staff is also nice, everyone there was great!!! Very happy with the overall experience. I'm in a little bit of pain now (about 3 hours post op) but it really just feels like there's a cut and it stings just a bit, nothing major. Looking forward to healing, will post pictures soon. If you are thinking about this procedure- do it! I procrastinated for so long, and suffered through painful sexual intercourse and overall self-esteem issues about the way it looked. The final straw for me was about a week ago, I went to get a Brazilian wax. It was a male- he was licensed and I said it was fine because he was the only one free to do it. He saw my labia and one of the first questions he asked me was if I had kids. I know he didn't mean any harm by asking, but I am pretty sure he asked because of the appearance of my labia. It was kind of hurtful, I didn't say anything to him about it (although he should probably avoid asking women that question because it is a little hurtful and offensive) but I'm tough, so it's fine. But I'm 25, without kids, I don't want to be mistaken for anything otherwise! I'm just glad it's over with and I finally did it. Do not wait any longer. I wish I would have done this when I was 18 or 20. Will upload photos soon :)
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