Recovering SRS and trachea shave

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Thailand Plastic Surgeon

Canadian patient I came to see Dr Kamol for SRS/GRS and also Trachea shave (Adams apple shave). I am currently still recovering and my recovery time is taking longer than most patients. This is not due to the surgery itself but due to the way my body responds to healing. Where to begin , after an 18 hour flight I was greated at the airport by my patient coordinator Mr Pichet as well as Mr Danai. They had arranged a driver to take me to the hospital. They were very professional and the clinic was not a far dive away they helped with my luggage and from the first moment I arrived have taken very good care of me . After arriving I underwent being admitted and was brought to my room. I chose to stay in there VIP apartment inside the hospital on the 7th floor. The apartment was spotless and well furnished / living room/ bar fridge / washroom with bath tub/ king size bed and a tv in each room. No complaints very impressed with the cleanliness of the hospital I would rate 5 star , I had a tour of the facility. Everything is bran new well taken care of and the medical equipment was first class I say this as a Heath care professional in the past that all equipment was up to date and the very best. I was very pleased with both my surgeries. My trachea shave was done at the same time as SRS. Awaking next in post operative care I had no pain with my trachea or issues it was perfect. As for SRS I was in pain but the pain meds quickly resolved that issue. The care from the nurses was very impressive and they were there for all my needs. My stay is currently being extended since I am quote "a special patient " most have the catheter removed and can urinate . Unfortunately I cannot due to issues of swelling around my urethra due to my body's inability to heal properly and I always had information issues with my body. They are doing there very best to help with medications and I am following all the rules set forth for my recovery. Dr Kamol is seeing me daily to inspect as well as reassure me during my healing process. Dilation is going very well I have 5"inches of depth and now at #1 dialator in size . The nurses in dilation are very respectful and caring and professional. Overal my care has been first class from Dr Kamol and nurses and staff. Hopefully my issue with my urethra will be corrected and I expect to be home mid December. I've made many videos about my recovery and time here also willing to answer any questions regarding surgery/ stay. In the end dispite my extended stay due to healing I am very happy with the results. And I recommend this Hospital to any considering surgery . For those Canadians that are curious or would like any info feel free to contact me . My overall rating is a 5 star

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