Recontouring - Indianapolis, IN

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Okay, call me vain, it's okay. I am 42 have had...

Okay, call me vain, it's okay. I am 42 have had two children. I have worked out for years. I still had a tummy and some thighs. I went to investigate lipo dissolve and my Dr. said to really get the results that I want a tummy tuck and lipo suction would be the way to go. Lipo dissolve would take a long time because you don't want to do several areas at once. I did have my tummy tuck and lipo suction and I LOVE IT!!!!! I have a flat, tight tummy and no more chubby knees. I do have a couple areas that we are tweaking with lipo dissolve. I had my first treatment last saturday,(it is now wednesday) It WAS uncomfortable the first day, there was a fair amount of swelling. I wrapped my leg where we treated (I had an uneven spot after lipo suction) the compression help with swelling and discomfort. I areas at the end of my incision for my tummy tuck did swell (my husband called them my 2nd pair of boobs) they were also uncomfortable the first day but the next day the felt fine. I will use the LMX cream on the next treatment just to numb the skin for the shots then go home and use some compression. If you are using lipo dissolve for more than spot areas yeah your gonna be hurting, compare the cost of all your treatments to the cost of lipo suction. You may find the value of just getting it done at one time, then if you need to tweak it with lipo dissolve it will be better.
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