I Recommend Thermage for a Subtle Lift and Tighter Skin

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I agonized about whether to do thermage. I was...

I agonized about whether to do thermage. I was most afraid that I would have some awful result (fat loss) and also didn't want to spend money ($4200) and get no results. I am 45 with good skin. Most people think I am in my late thirties. I had some sagging around my jaw line and neck as well as my eyes, but I felt it was just too early for a facelift. I did not want all the expense and recovery time, and I didn't want a big abrupt change.

I had thermage three months ago, and I am very happy I did. The effects are subtle, but I would say it took about 5 to 7 years off my face. I see a much tighter neck and jaw line and a general but subtle lift around my eyes. Today an aquaintaince told me that I look younger than the last time he saw me some months ago. The change is too subtle and slow to notice on my own, but when I look at snapshots of myself before the procedure, I really notice a difference. My doctor said that 6 months is the time when most results are visible, but she has seen improvement on some people up to 9 months after the procedure. I think that if I were to do it every couple of years, it would save me from a major face lift. It was a bit uncomfortable, but no more so than being at the dentist. I had half a valium and was fine. I had zero down time.

This is a good procedure. I really recommend it. My doctor (a surgeon) did the procedure herself, and she has done hundreds. You need to have someone who is very experienced and competent. It is though a relatively small change -- 30% seems about right. If that is what you are looking for, I would say thermage is great. My surgeon also mentioned that few plastic surgeons have actually had facelifts, but many have tried thermage.

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Melissa Schneider: very experienced and competent

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