Recommend to at Least Be Screened for Lasik

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I had my Lasik eye surgery performed in 2001. I...

I had my Lasik eye surgery performed in 2001. I don't remember what my prescription was before hand, I just remember that I required corrective lenses 24/7. I couldn't see much of anything without them. I also had astigmatism in both eyes which was corrected with the Lasik procedure.

The procedure was pain free. I did not take any premedications. My mom and husband were able to watch the entire procedure which only took approximately 15 minutes for both eyes. The most uncomfortable part was the retractors that kept my eyes open. No pain involved at all.

Post op was uncomfortable, but not painful. I was not able to see clearly immediately after the procedure. It was as though I had water in my eyes or something. However, the next morning was a different story. I couldn't believe how clear my vision was. As soon as I got up, I went to my hotel window and was reading all the signs that I could see.

I did not have any problems with night vision or lights. I was told that if I didn't have any issues pre op with night vision, that chances were good that I wouldn't have any problems post op.

It was an experience that I am still treasuring today. I can see perfectly clearly. 20/20 vision after 8 years and I am so very thankful that I did it. I've recommended it to my friends. I must say, not everyone is a canidate. One of my friends couldn't have the Lasik procedure. Another one of my friends had just one eye done. My mom only had one eye done. (so they can see near and far).

Worth it and would recommend that if you can afford it, get screened.

Caution...make sure you research the doctor. Make sure you learn how long they have been performing the procedure, how many procedures they have done, and talk to some of their patients. Skill is of upmost importance for this procedure. Do your homework first.

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