Scheduled, Scared, and Ready to Run for the Hills and Lose my Deposit

I've been trolling this list for about a week,...

I've been trolling this list for about a week, having made an appointment for a neck lift after wanting to do it for YEARS. I have a youthful face with an old neck. Picture later. I paid for the procedure and received my pre-surgery instructions today. I thought all the pictures posted here had scared me enough, but seeing the list of dos (must take steroids for a week) and don't (talking for a week, no exercise for 4-6 weeks, no hair dye for 4-6 weeks) have really scared me to the point of wanting to back out. I'd lose nearly $10K if I back for no medical reason because it's just weeks away, but I am feeling so afraid like I won't be able to take it. HELP.

Necklift: Pre-photos

Really quite scared, but moving ahead as if I'm not because I want the results. Feeling a little anxious and melancholy from the fear today, but moving on. Just realized that I am about two weeks away and that gave me a sinking feeling in my stomach. Like jumping off the diving board, I have to take that step. I can't tell anyone how scary it feels right now because they would just say, well don't do it. But I feel I have to feel the fear and do it anyway. This site is amazing and I really appreciate the support and the sharing I've read. Hope to share my journey and benefit from the sharing and support myself. My hair is very short so scaring is a big concern, especially with my skin tone. I am having the scar inside the ear, not in front. Most of the sutures will be behind the tragus and behind the ear. A few under the ear, too, as it goes around the back. Nothing under the chin. Because I keep my hair very short, I am worried about losing hair in the sideburn area and the above hairline. I feel confident in my surgeon and that I have the best chance possible with him for minimal scaring and minimal hairloss. Next week, I will get my arnica, wedge pillow someone recommended, pineapple juice, DVR full of movies, and hunker down. I'll take that step and then let the healing begin. That's the plan! Based on what I've read the first 3-4 days are the worse. I'll check in again before I take the "plunge." Thank you for being there.

Pretty Freaked

Seems like everything in my news feed tonight was about really bad "devastating" outcomes, failed revisions, and swelling that is lasting MANY WEEKS. Some were complicated cases, but one doctor (not named) sounds eerily familiar. This all feels like a sign and I am pretty freaked. Wish I hadn't checked RS tonight. :( I'm days away, but I tell you if it were today, I would not be able to do it.

In a nightmare

Things didn't go well. Will write again in a few weeks. For now, I'm just praying I won't be disfigured and can survive what's happening. Just pray for me okay.

12 Days Post When Will I Feel My Ears

Well, who knew I'd feel like writing in just a few days. Certainly not me! My journey continues. I am not completely out of the woods, but no more treatments. Some skin on my tragus died and fell off. May need some revision there. Some spots on face remain and we just have to see how they will heal. The next week will tell a lot, I'm told. As far as the more usual goes: Face still feels tight and numb, as does my neck. Face/neck still very swollen, but I look more humanoid. My full face pics are definitely not as pretty as some who are ready to apply makeup and hit the town in just a week. :-) I am staying away from everyone because I still look like an accident survivor. Of the many things that bug me is that my ears are completely numb. How long before some of you could feel your ears again? Thanks for your support. I'll try to do a comparative photo so you can see how the neck turned out. I do have some sad times, but am trying just to focus on healing and achieving the best outcome possible. I made informed and careful choices to the best of my ability. I was determined to do this. Knowing what happened, of course, I wouldn't. But no one could have predicted. My doc says this has never happened in his long and distinguished career. I have to believe and am moving forward with my eyes set on healing and being pretty again. :-) With a tight neck to boot. :-)

Three weeks since I stepped in it

It's been three weeks, my skin has stabilized, but is discolored. I'll deal with the discoloration if it remains, the best way I can. Still have significant swelling and a little bruising, which surprises me. The back of one ear is okay; the back of another is not and will have to be revised. There is a fold and a bump. At this point I just hope to look like me. I'm too tight to smile and too swollen to look familiar to people I know. It's distressing, but more good days than bad. Today obviously is not a good day. I was a beautiful woman with one thing that bothered me. Now, the beauty is gone, and I'm not sure what will return. I regret doing this, but I know without a crystal ball I'd do it again. I was determined and considered the procedure for several years and did my homework--I thought. Hard to know what went wrong. Just my destiny, I guess. Looking back serves no purpose. I have to find a way to move forward. My advice for anyone seeking any kind of procedure is to talk to patients of the doctor you're considering or get direct, trusted, authentic reviews from previous clients in a reliable, credible way, such as this site, I guess. What happened to me was an unusual, as evidenced by what I read here. There were no indicators for any of this to happen. So have no fear. I wish you all the best. I am going to ask for my content to be removed. Thank you for your support and well wishes. It meant a lot.

Weigh in: Lymphatic Drainage Massage Yes or No?

Feedback on RS docs varies. Other online docs say more often that it works and I found many sources that say it helps. What do you think about Lymphatic Drainage Massage? If you've had it, what was your experience? My doc's office says absolutely not, but I had two before I asked and the results were pretty amazing. It was very light touch, as if swiping the ring finger of your non-dominant hand gently across the skin. I mentioned to doctor's office and they said that he absolutely does not want you doing that! I tried to explain that it's not a traditional massage and I will talk to doctor directly next week. Just curious what you thought.

6-week check-in

It's been six weeks now, and I have come a long way, but yesterday I had to miss the most important event in the two-year calendar of an organization I belong to because my face looks too much unlike me and I still can't smile fully. My husband agreed and saved me much embarrassment. I look like a person who was overdone is all I can say, facial stiffness and weird expression. You've seen it; the look no one wants. :-) The feeling of having a tight scarf wrapped around my head and neck from ear numbness and tightness is less, but still persistent. I can speak more clearly and eat pretty much anything I want. Still can't hold a phone to my face because of the ear numbness. I have no idea where the phone is and it eventually falls from my face onto the floor. LOL Probably still have to have a revision of one ear because it has a fold. Pigment still coming in on my face, and I cover the scars with special makeup to go to grocery store. People who don't know me and are familiar with my previous beautiful smile aren't shocked at my appearance, but I am avoiding everyone I know. Soon as the pigment fills in fully, I'll begin a regime for the discoloration. The oxygen treatments affected my vision, a listed side effect that I would have chanced even if someone had warned me under the circumstances. So, I had to add contacts over my Lasik. I have accepted that I have to permanently change my hairstyle because of the scaring. Healing will continue and I'll see where I land. I am much less depressed, but still anxious to know how this will end. I had a post-op consult with another PS who told me that in three months I'll have 90% of the achievable results. So I'm postponing all shock and horror until mid-July. :-) I just hope I don't still look "done," you know. This doc, looking at a pic of me from before the surgery, apologized before saying to me, "Why did you do this in the first place?" Good question. I wonder sometimes, too. I am very detached from this report and had second thoughts about submitting it but people need to know that things happen. For example I had no idea that my entire ears would be numb and how long that would last until people here told me. :) Still, many of my experiences have not and will not happen to the majority of you. I did not have a mini-lift. I had what I'll call a traditional neck lift and associated lower-face lift. What I learned; what we've all learned is that patience is the key. Whether you have to wait 6 days, 16 days or 6 months to feel better and see the vision you hope for, we don't wake up beautiful. We have to wait. I'm still waiting and hoping for better than anyone expects in my case. Enjoy the emerging days of summer, and I'll check back in a month.
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So far all interactions have been very good and the doctor comes highly recommended and people use the terms "world class, genius, artist."

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