Procedure Went Well - Anxious for Results - Reading, PA

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Today I had CoolSculpting on my tummy. I had an...

Today I had CoolSculpting on my tummy. I had an idea what to expect so I wasn't clueless. Set up was quick and procedure took 1 hr.

It didn't hurt, just a bit uncomfortable for the first 10 minutes. More like pressure until it became numb.

When it was finished, the tech massaged the tender area and drove home. It has been 10 hours and it is still a little numb with mild tenderness. No pain at all.

I will write updates as time progresses.

Day 1 post

Numbness still present, along with some tenderness and swollen. At this point, I have no pain what so ever. However, I am keeping an open mind since I have read that pain is common around day 5.

I will post before and after pictures later on.

2 weeks post

The numbness is just about gone and feel great. I didn't have any pain as others reported on day 5-7.
The healing process wasn't a big deal for me at all.
I am not sure I see any results yet, I know it is premature at this point.

2 Month follow-up

The numbness subsided totally in a month and i was able to see slight reduction at 5 weeks.
I am disappointed at the results and expected more reduction. During my follow up the nurse said that most people elect a second procedure that they did mention to me during the first visit. I feel it was a large expense for such small results. If I elected to have the second procedure, the total cost probably adds up to the cost of lipo. Should have saved my money and gone for the lipo.

I won't do this again. I feel like it was a waste of money.. just my opinion.

Not worth it

I tried reaching out to the office where I had the cool sculpting and Sculpsure to discuss my disappointment. Was told that these procedures may take more than one treatment. Of course they don't tell you this during the consultation.

I am so disappointment that I spent my hard earned money on this.

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