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So I took that first step after many years of...

So I took that first step after many years of talking about it and hoping. I had my consultation with Dr. Pyle on July 26th, I had 2 doctors I wanted to meet with and after meeting with Dr Pyle I left there knowing this is the doctor for me and my husband agreed. Dr Pyle went through everything in detail answering all the questions I had that I never had to ask. I felt very at ease with him and his "natural" approach is exactly what I was looking for. Jess and Molly are great! Both were so helpful. Surgery scheduled for 9/7/16 . Just had my 2 week pre op visit and everything went well. I will be gathering all my supplies and filling prescriptions this week. Still just can't believe this is really happening.

Tomorrow is the big day!

I can't believe tomorrow is the day. I have managed to keep myself so busy as to not think about everything too much. Only 3 days, including today, of ups and downs. I have kept up with my work outs and my normal diet hoping this helps in my healing process. I have all my supplies, I hope I didn't forget anything, and sleeping area set up. Setting realistic goals for myself per week of recovery, we'll see how long that will last. hahaha Looking forward to a smooth surgery flat tummy and perky girls. :-D Will post as I can.

day 1 post op

day 3 out

Well yesterday was excruciating. Took a shower, awesome, but then came time to put the cg back on and I was in soooooo much pain/discomfort I started to get myself all worked up ended up passing out. Thank goodness I was sitting in the chair when it happened. Pain medication didn't seem to help at all and to top it off I could't stop peeing. Finally about 11 I fell asleep. Today, so far soooo much better. I walked around the house 2 x and was able to get myself to the bathroom and back myself. Will post pics when I can.

1 Week PO - TT, BL/BA Silicone Under Muscle w/ Lipo

Wow, can't believe it's been a week already. Still bruised and swollen and the hoohoo is very angry right now but I know it will all calm down. Had my post op visit yesterday and PS said everything looks good I am progressing well got my yummy tummy which I thought I would love over the other until you have to go to the bathroom, prefer the hook/loop, but I have a back up. I did have a terrible coughing fit before appointment and again today. OMG I thought my guts were going to fall out, nope but I swear they were going to if I had one more cough. Pillow pushed into to tummy bent over in chair helped so much. I have been walking around the house daily hunched over but walking none the less. Have gotten into a routine in the morning of making coffee, feeding dog and getting any of my paperwork done fairly early in the morning. Then rest a while. I try to do little things throughout the day otherwise I think I may lose my mind. I am trying to cut back on the meds. Unfortunately due to the coughing fits they did cause a muscle spasm so had to take some for that and 1 percocet. Really trying to get to none by the end of the week. Working on straightening out more have slowly lost a pillow under knees baby steps. Can't wait to get back on elliptical moving on to next phase. Feeling really good about everything and looking forward to my next visit. Nothing but positives even with the little speed bumps along the way I couldn't be happier with Dr Pyle his staff. Will try to get some better pics of back and side (lipo)

2 Weeks PO

Crazy 1 week went by so fast getting to week 2 not so much. Healing well, was a little concerned about my incision site where some of the tape came off but sent in some pics to PS and was relieved to know all is good. Was able to take my first shower without using the chair. AMAZING!! Still have quite a bit of swelling in belly and boobs but it is going down gradually. The "sunburn" feeling is good and bad, good I know nerves are working to repair, bad very uncomfortable. Will be glad when this stage has completed. One thing I'm learning is to not look everyday otherwise you will drive yourself crazy. One week at a time. Loving everything so far. I do hope that the next 4 weeks move a lot quicker than this past week. So ready for that day and to get rid of this heinous compression garment. I have a love hate relationship with it at this point. Love the shape it is helping with but it sure would be nice to breathe. UGH!!

3 Weeks PO

Doing pretty well this week. Went out shopping with my daughter which, OMG how nice it was to be out of the house. Spent most of the day out I couldn't stop wandering from one store to another such a great day but I was worn out after dinner and went right to bed. The sunburn feeling is starting to subside, standing almost straight up at this point, tummy and breasts still swollen but every week it seems to go down a little more. I'm loving how everything looks always look forward to the next week. I did have an issue with my incision at center with a stitch so now I'm on antibiotics for 5 days as a precaution (not an infection thank goodness), gotta change dressing twice a day but PS said it is common and should be just fine. Hoping it heals quickly. In spite of that it is still a good week. :-)

3 Week Photos

5 Weeks PO

Yesterday was 5 weeks and things are improving everyday. Moving around all the time now unfortunately its usually just walking laps around the house, walking the dog and the occasional (very occasional) trip to the store. Waiting until I see the doctor next week to make sure the issue with my incision is healing properly before I hop onto the elliptical again. Can't sleep on my side yet but that is more due to the girls than the tummy. Still swollen but going down gradually I haven't had any pills in weeks. I do seem to have to rest later in the afternoon if I have been busy most of the morning (or I am bored beyond belief which is most of the time). I have to say though I am totally in love with my results thus far. It has been so long since my belly was flat and didn't look like someone ran fingernails across it. Looking forward to my appointment next week hoping he says everything is healing as it should.

6 Week PO

Finally made it to 6 weeks, woohoo!!! Dr Pyle said everything was looking/healing great. He took care of the stitch that was an issue I had and said I can go back to normal activities with no restrictions. I do have fair amount of swelling still and I know it will go down in time. I was so excited when he said no restrictions & I could go golf, which did not happen...I chickened out. Still wearing CG even though I don’t have to I feel like it helps with the swelling. Hoping I will soon be comfortable enough to sleep on my side. When I went to get dressed to leave I stood back and looked in the mirror & I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I am so in love with the results so far. I still have a ways to go before I am completely healed but to see this tummy that I haven't seen in 26 years, and it didn't look this good then, and these perky girls it just brought me to tears I am so happy. I did at least make it home before I broke down. lol It’s funny; I always wondered is it going to be worth the pain, is the scaring going to be worse than what I already had...it is so worth it!!!! I can't wait to get to the 12 week appointment. Dr Pyle is an absolute amazing doctor and Molly, Jess, the surgical staff just the best. I could not be happier. Not the best pics having issues with camera.

6week pics

9.5 Weeks PO

Wow, 9.5 weeks already. I am sleeping on my side now using my "boobie" pillow (king size feather) so much more comfortable. I didn't get to start my regular workouts until last week was out of town and had a bad RA flare but doing pretty much everything I was before surgery other than chest exercises feels awkward, breasts taking some getting used to. Still have swelling lower tummy especially later in the day after moving around a lot but still much less than what it was. Have not worn my cg for about a week now had an 8 hour drive and that was the last time. I felt like it helped with the swelling. My incisions are healing really good very happy with the way they are looking. Still can't get over that this is really my body I 'm looking at.
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