Fraxel Repair for White/silvery Stretch Marks - Raleigh, NC

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I did this procedure to treat white stretch marks...

I did this procedure to treat white stretch marks on the inside of my arms that appeared during adolescence. Despite what doctors have told me, almost all of my stretch marks have appeared white/silvery from the beginning, unfortunately. I seem to be prone to stretch marks, as they are all over my body. Some of have faded with time, but the shiny/silvery quality makes them more noticeable.

The procedure was incredibly painful, even with numbing cream. I felt like my skin was getting injected with fire. It may be comparable to getting a tattoo on a sensitive area of the body.

I have had two procedures on either arm, and have not noticed a significant difference in the size, depth, and color of my stretch marks. After the second procedure it looked like the scars on my right are were starting to blend in with the rest of my skin. Then I started prepping with retin-A and hydroquinone and the results seem to disappear. I need to prep with hydroquinone to prevent hyperpigmentation because I am a darker complexion, but it's possible that this topical has been neutralizing the effects of the fraxel laser.

I clicked "not sure" because I still have one more procedure to go for either arm and I want to wait a few months to really gauge my results. I really hope I get at least 10-20% improvement because of how painful the procedure was.

So not worth it...

My stretch marks improved a little, but now there is wrinkling and loss of collagen in the inside of my arms, clearly where I received the Repair. Now I have to correct the damage from this laser.

no improvement

Small amount of improvement in texture, no improvement in coloring. Also my skin has this wrinkly appearance due to damage that will need to be corrected.
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