Cool Sculpting Painful? - Raleigh, NC

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It is currently 130 am, 3 days after 6 small...

It is currently 130 am, 3 days after 6 small applicators and I am crying myself to sleep from the pain. Compression pants don't help, ice does but you can only ice for so long during the days. I got two small applicators on my lower abs, and four on the flanks. Sitting in the room actually getting the cool sculpting wasn't physically painful for me, I went home to change and went right to the gym that same day, gymed the day after, and the day after that, which is when the pain started following. So I got the procedure on a Tuesday and started to feel this sharp broken glass shattered around my stomach on Thursday and it was extremely sensitive to the touch. I'm normally very tolerable of pain especially knowing that it doesn't last long, but to not know when this feeling will end, or how many exact days it'll last, not having a remedy, and just to feel that same sharp pain all around your stomach day in and day out can get pretty rough... Okay, enough venting, here's some backround on me!
23 y/o. I had a breast augmentation in March'16, I went in at 119lbs pre op, post op I was 135. I played sports throughout highschool, I started track and field when I was 15 and my coach made sure I went to the gym daily, so I've always been in fair shape. But under going surgery gave me a lot of time to rest, eat, sleep, repeat. I just want everyone considering cool sculpting to know the possible almost unbearable pain that it might come with, obviously the less areas you do, the less pain, but just keep it in mind. I know I did a lot of research on it before I booked consultations but crazily enough, somehow I missed that part. I read "no down time" over and over again, but depending on your perception of pain, it might actually leave you taking days off work from discomfort. Good luck wih your journey!!!
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