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Hi ladies, I'm 5 days post-op and wanted to share...

Hi ladies, I'm 5 days post-op and wanted to share my experience since I'm a little older (51) and my perspective might help someone else out there! This site has been super helpful to me over the past few months as I've researched this surgery and deliberated about exactly the result I want to get out of it!
I've always been very small up top. (A-cup, barely!) I'm tall -5'9 1/2" - and on the thin side, (140 lbs) and have always been athletic and generally quite happy with my body. But after 30+ years of having either to "fake" it with padded bras, disguise the imbalance between my upper and lower body proportions (pear shape) and generally forego revealing/sexy tops altogether, I decided it's time to take the plunge! Plus, I'm at a point financially where I could finally do this for myself, and my wonderful hubby and 3 daughters (teen/early 20's) have all been completely supportive.
So, I met with my PS in February (referred to me by a friend...the nice thing about doing this in my 50's is that, by this point in life, lots of women I know have had something lots of experiences to draw from! ;-)
I knew the aesthetic I wanted to achieve...a full C/small D - nothing crazy big, just a beautiful, proportional bust that would have fullness at the top of the breast (for when I go strapless), sexy cleavage (for when I want to wear a plunge neckline and dangle a dainty necklace down there), and a beautifully curved profile that balances my body because I have fuller hips and a smallish waist. I guess in my case I want quality (shape, placement, eye-catching but natural projection) over "bigness", if that makes sense!
I looked through lots of pics on this site and elsewhere, culled it down to my top 3 looks, finally settled on my "dream" pair and shared the photo with my PS the morning of my surgery, to give him a really concrete 'go-by' of what we'd discussed previously. The surgery went well, 400 cc's and now that I'm 5 days post, I've taken some photos and have tips that I would give my daughters or friends considering this surgery, based on my experience thus far:
DO: Be very descriptive when consulting with your surgeon pre-op, to let him/her know both what you want to achieve, and what you want to avoid in your newly-enhanced look, when wearing the types of clothes you'll typically be in. For me, it's moderate curve at the top, inside fullness to achieve cleavage, and an overall natural aesthetic, not "bolted on" boobs. Full, curvy, natural, not huge...those words helped me frame my goals for myself as I thought this through, and helped me communicate with my doc.
DON'T- get too hung up on size. I mean, we all want to go bigger or we wouldn't be having BA! But make sure your new boobs enhance your natural beauty, and don't overpower it, or define you. I have a friend who is petite and went BIG on her BA... And she isn't thrilled. It looks a bit "done" and matronly. Some of the most admired bodies in Hollywood (think Jennifer Anniston, Katherine Heigl, Angelina Jolie) don't sport massive boobies, just really feminine and attractive ones.
DO: treat this like real surgery. As in - damn, that hurts! I don't think I took it seriously enough beforehand so I was caught off guard by how sore I was after. My PS said I have very tight chest muscles from working out and he put in 400 cc smooth Round Mentor implants, to take me from itty bitty A to (fingers crossed) full voluptuous C. So, yeah... Ouch. Which leads me to...
DO - stay on top of your pain meds. I'm usually the one who skimps but for this surgery, I've stayed on track with the hydrocodone and it is really helping. They say you can't "catch up" if you try to skimp on pain relief...I believe them.
DO - wear the chest band, if you're given one. Not comfy in the least, but it does push the implants down. Mine were pretty much armpit-height the day of surgery and they are steadily moving south, thank goodness! The chest band left welts under my armpits, but my hubby tucked little gauze pads where it was cutting into my skin (see photo) so that has helped a lot! I recommend doing this if you have the same problem.
Do- expect to look weird in the beginning! My pics are proof LOL! My boobs have started to drop ( they start out reeeaaalllly high) but they're still shaped kind of square and are hard as rocks. I can already tell 5 days out that they're making progress in the right direction, and I'm confident they'll look great in a few months, but this is not an overnight process...think half-marathon, not sprint!
DON'T - rush back to work. You will need rest and help for the first 4 days, at least. My surgery was Thursday morning, and I went back to work Monday. For me, that was doable, but I couldn't have returned to my desk job sooner than that. For one thing, driving (including opening/shutting car door, strapping seatbelt behind me, turning in the seat etc.) wouldn't have been possible sooner, and would have required me to give up much-needed narcotic pain relief too early in the process.
I went for a 2-mile walk Sunday...relaxed pace, but after being in bed for 3 days I think I mentally needed to get outside and test my stamina for going back to my job and 'reality' Monday morning!
DO - have someone to help you at home. My hubby had to put his hand under my back and help me sit up in bed the first few days because sitting upright on my own power engaged those freshly-cut pec muscles -ouch! I also recommend having some straws on your nightstand so you can sip fluids/take meds without sitting up all the way... And position your nightstand so it's between your hips and shoulder so you don't have to reach at a backward angle to get at your pills, laptop, whatever. Sounds weirdly picky, I know, but trust me, you'll realize very quickly how important controlling your range of motion is in those first few days!
DO- expect to be constipated. Sorry. Yuck. 'Nuff said.
DON'T - be surprised if one boob recovers like an Olympic athlete and the other like your cranky ole granny. Since BA is really 2 surgeries, each of the girls is gonna have her own set of nerve/muscle trauma and will recover differently. My right side felt great after day 3...I can lift that arm and everything. My left side is not at all happy with me. feels like it's on fire...burning, stinging, sore. I assume those nerves were traumatized a bit more. It's getting better, thank goodness!

Overall, so far it has been a positive experience. Not easy, but manageable and I'm excited about my emerging new curves! I'll post again as I think of things that make a difference in my post-op experience, and wish all of you much luck and success if/when you choose this surgery. You are beautiful! ????
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