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So I wrote a review first on coolsculpting because...

So I wrote a review first on coolsculpting because while I was searching for all the answers about fixing what once was there but now is gone (.)(.) I got my lower pooch fat froze. Still waiting for results. Now, on to the boobs. Women go through so much to have a baby, I still can't believe it and I've had 3. All of em so different. But what doesn't change is the love for ourselves and the way our loved ones love us...ok they love us more because we gave life and life is beautiful. But what does change is the body. And although we come to terms with the outcomes before baby arrives no one really tells or Shows us what happens to our young beautiful bodies after you have a baby. Mind blowing sometimes. It's not so pretty anymore sometimes. Me, I actually got boobs after the first and second baby. Couldn't believe it. Alright!! This is awesome have another baby, good idea....awww there go the boobs. Now, it's hard to accept. If I could stand in the mirror and only see the good boob I'd be alright, but what about the other one...it's so sad and droopy. So the search is on...who can fix these things without scarring me up. Well, found a few candidates. Even looked at Mexico cuz I'm cheap and thought ya vacation too! Nope, not chancing it. Looking for that one you get that feeling about...Dr. Michael Law. Yep, that's the one for me. Found Everything I needed to know on his website. Talking to him first consult was a breeze. Had a whole page of questions that he answered in the time we chatted without even reading them. He made it easy. Of course what I'm looking for is easy to him I think. On the very very edge of needing a lift and he is confident he can fix the ladies with implants alone...or maybe minor lift with under boob part. I'm good with that. No vertical or nipple scars, winning!! So, I'm so darn excited let's hurry things up a little, I have a vacation and wedding to attend this fall and I can't go with all different boobies...June 22 or 23rd will be the day. Whoa. This is awesome! Big big thank you to everyone who shares their experience, what they did to prepare. Makes me feel so much better. I can totally use a lot of your ideas!!
Will totally invest in the silicone strips for scarring. I think the scar worries me the most.
Good post op sports bra.
Stool softeners.
Lots of fluids.
Who's to say that it's all gonna come out perfect, but then again I'm not looking for perfect, I'm looking for that beautiful feeling again. Where it's not embarrassing to take my shirt off and stand naked infront of the hubby. To all of you out there searching for the answer, follow your gut!!
Post pictures, it so helps describe what we want to know.

33 Years Old, 3 Kids, 140 Lbs, 300cc Allergan

Hi ladies, need to start with a thank you for your reviews. Definitely a lot of good pointers that helped me in the process!! I've thought about this for years, but wanted to wait until we were sure we weren't having any more babies so there wasn't worry about whether I could breast feed or not. I'm about 5'4, 140 lbs breastfed 3 babies. I wear a 36 C from Victoria secret, but don't fill it anymore I'm just to cheap to go shopping until this process is over. Also, asymmetrical, my left boob is droopy and slightly sagging on the right. I'll post pictures. I never felt horrible about my boobs, just never loved them either...except when I was prego and breastfeeding, then they looked amazing. I'm from Canada so of course my first consultation was there. The doctor was horrible. He said I looked like a line backer, that I needed a tummy tuck, smacked my ass and said the tuck would help that part too and only barely talked about boobs which is why I was there...and the boobs we talked about was way too scary for me...480 UHP...no way not me...so needless to say would never ever set foot back in that office. When I first started looking Dr. Michael Law was the one who caught my attention. Once I found his website I didn't need to look around any more. He explains everything and has lots of videos. I felt like he would be easy to connect to. I had 2 phone conversations with him and everything he said sounded perfect! My gut instinct said he was exactly what I wanted and needed to feel comfortable. Truth is I was afraid of the scarring and the recovery because I don't have much time with help. My husband will be with me for 3 days but then he has to go back to work. Dr. Law explained it that he does such a good job recovery is quick and I shouldn't have many worries and so with that I seemed to be able to accept it in my head that everything will be worth it in the end. So it took all day, but I made it to North Carolina. The next day I went to the Blue Water Spa and met first with Tracey. Awesome girl, she was thorough with the paperwork (which the doctor writes all himself) and answered all my questions and helped me feel comfortable and relaxed. So glad I got to sit with her before I met the doctor because I was sooo nervous, especially after first consultation experience. As soon as he came in, he was smiling, welcoming, and warm! Instant gratification that I picked the right doctor for me!!!! He talked to me like a human, explained everything so it was easy to understand, went over his original ideas and made some changes. From the pics I had sent he suggested fat grafting to make my breasts even but as it turns out he didn't need to once he saw me. I still needed a lift though, and my areola's were on the larger side so those needed fixing too. He drew and measured so I would have a good idea as to what to expect. We talked about 250cc - 280cc. And the profile he was pretty much set on low-moderate profile because of the shape of my boobs already. Sounds good to me. When I arrived they took me in, did the routine things and put my gown on, put an air blower in my gown which ballooned up and warmed me all over. I was asleep in seconds. Needed that cuz I think there was a hallway party in my hotel and I didn't get much sleep. When he was ready I saw Dr. Law again for more measures. He was very meticulous, he measured, drew on me and re-measured again. I felt like it was normal, comfortable and like I was in good hands. Back to my warm bed to wait. Met the anesthesia doctor. I'm healthy so there wasn't much to talk about, she explained her part and what would happen. Perfect. I had to wait an extra hour, they needed to wait until the surgery room temperature was perfect...no problem, another nap for me. When it was time, everything went quick. Anesthesiologist came in, cocktail in the IV and they moved me into the next room, I moved onto the next bed...and woke up in recovery. I just remember hearing the nurse call my name, woke up and she gave me a sip of water...it was amazing lol then as I was waking up we talked, I sat up...and actually felt fine. Because I've had 3 babies I guess I was used to the feeling that some girls have described...heavy chest, sore boobs...feels the same as when ure weening off breastfeeding...totally manageable and not so bad. I do have a high pain tolerance though. Instead of fat grafting, he lipo suctioned the fat deposit by my armpit :) It didn't seem like I was awake long and our chauffeur arrived. The nurse came with me to the hotel, where another nurse came to stay with me. Everyone was amazing. I remember talking with the nurse and I must have passed out again. I woke up and she was laughing about how quickly I passed out. But again I felt great. She reminded me to take the prescription meds and stayed with me for a while longer. I've seen reviews where girls wrote long reviews attached pictures and something went wrong so I'm doing them separate. It's still just the first day so there isn't anything to see but I feel like the size is perfect for me....300cc Allergan and I think it's a low profile but I'll find out and if I'm wrong I'll update. This whole trip and experience has been overall awesome. I can't wait to see what it all looks like. I really can't wait to go home to my husband and kiddos.

Day 4

So the day after surgery I was still in North Carolina and I felt good so I took the bus around the city to do my follow up with the doctor and the nurse Jessica. I totally forgot to mention her and another girl Ruth in my first review. These girls are so important cuz they're the ones who really help out with everything else along the way. They were both soo nice and caring. Feel bad I didn't mention them but the day after surgery is a blur and the medications had me pretty foggy. Anyways had my follow up then I was still fine so I went and walked around the museums. He wasn't kidding that he has a short recovery time for his patients after surgery.
When I got to the office Jessica took the bandages off, and the doc seemed pretty impressed with his work. Truth is I was so unsure about the lift...mostly only because of the scarring. The way he described it was that I can go without but then I would have the snoopy looking breasts or that I would still always have to manage my breasts with a bra. Which is part of why I was going through this, to fix them so I didn't have to manage my boobs with a padded bra or bathing suit for the rest of my life. So I'll deal with the scars. Like he said too, scarring takes time and care, just don't judge day by day...instead watch the progress month by month and the changes will be better. So, bandages off I was taken back by what I saw...but he was impressed, Jessica said it looked great so I relaxed.
Day 2 was all day travelling to get back home to Canada. I wore a regular sports bra, but I think I bought too small and the infarammary fold inscisions were a little irritated. Not like I could go into any bathroom and tend to the wounds without random women or kids walking in...didn't wanna scare anyone.
Day 3 I had a long shower, it was amazing. Instructions were to not soak or let the shower run directly over my breasts but having the water run over my back and allowing a little to the front felt amazing to be clean. I did shower the day after too but it was quick cuz I was worried I'd do something wrong. Since being back home and having the kids it's just taking a little getting used to. Have to bend down to the baby's level to pick her up using my legs, keeping her on my hip so that she's not rubbing on my breasts. The 3 year old wants up too so we sit on the floor together. Just easier because she's pretty heavy. The pain has barely been noticeable. The worst part is the space between my breasts and in my armpits from the liposuction. I've kept an antibiotic cream like mupirocin from the doctors office on the wounds and will switch to polysporin because that's what I have in Canada that's comparable and I'm keeping them covered with gauze. They instructed me to just use a comfy normal sports bra that's soft and won't rub, otherwise I've gone without the bra. From my understanding is that I want the implants to drop a little as Gravity is what the doc was counting on and that's why we don't use underwire. Not for 2 weeks anyways. So far it's been pretty awesome, barely any pain, just trying to keep clean and not strain.
Day 4 I'm not taking any pain medication. Didn't need it yesterday either but had running around to do so I was being more weary about being in pain so I took pain meds yesterday to prevent it. I know what girls mean about morning boob...I think it's a combination of boobs being sore and having to lay in almost the same position all night. We can twist our bodies so we don't lay on our boobs, but the thought of forgetting and rolling into our boobs is scary because that would hurt. So my ass is sore from laying on it too. But as they say too that getting up and moving around takes care of that too...pictures are coming.


Before pics

Day 4

I haven't talked about boob greed but it's so true. I knew going into surgery that the ones we were going with would be too small, but at the same time the doctor just wanted to make sure that the lift and implants all together would fit without causing any damage short or long term and still be natural which is exactly what I wanted. We had talked about 280cc and he gave me 300cc which I'm happy about, I'll just always wonder or with for just a bit bigger as a lot of women tend to do.
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Law walked into the room smiling. That should say enough. I was so nervous but he was smiling :) I'll never forget that. We shook hands, talked, he measured and drew...it was perfect! The staff were amazing too. Laughing, smiling, courteous. I hugged Tracey when I left I was so happy!! Love this place! Thank you to them for everything :)

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