Radiesse in Wide Nose: A Nightmare - Bordeaux

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My English is poor so I am going to explain this...

My English is poor so I am going to explain this the best I can. I ve always had a terrible complexe with my nose which was wide, and looked completely round. The major problem is that I was scared of surgery. After seeing several plastic surgeons here in Morocco for over 3 years, I have always ended up cancelling my appointment (even on surgery day) because I was terrified the days before (between consultation and surgery day). Then I heard about radiesse injections, I contacted a few dermatologists and plastic surgeons who told me radiesse was not for me, except one (I know I am stupid).

So I went to France, I asked him how he could make a big nose look thinner with fillers, and he said that by raising the nose the general aspect would be improved, it would look shorter and therefore thinner. Well, I had injections not only to raise it but also on my nose (on both sides and on the nose itself which I already mentionned were big enough in my opinion).

As a result, my nose is far bigger than it was, he added material in it so that it could look "homogeneous" by making it bigger. I look like a pig because my nostrils are much more appearant. I sent him an email when I was still there to ask him if he could remove it completely, he said: no problem, it is normal it is just swollen after the injections. Go back home, it will look good.I would be glad to send you some pictures later because I did not move from my bed since I got back home. I was willing to get married in April, it seems like it will have to wait for a year. The problem is that I can not even go out of my house with that face. Can anyone help me? Can I get through rhinoplasty right after radiesse? (At least this is a good reason to do it)

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A doctor who is only interested in making fast money and who said "yes, there is something we can do " to every question you ask, can not be a good doctor

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