Not What Its Cracked Up to Be

I had Radiesse injected eight months ago and I am...

I had Radiesse injected eight months ago and I am VERY DISAPPOINTED with the results. I still have the very wrinkles around my mouth and naso-labial folds. I feel this product does not live up to its promises and am now looking at lasers for correction. The doctor'f office I had the treatment at said this was the best treatment for me and that I should see results six months but I have seen zero results. After spending $1,000 to have this done I feel I have totally wasted my money. I am sick and tired of so called treatments such as this and the women they have as models are 20 year olds and every friggin magazine teling us common women that such and such movie star looks great and here is their "secret" to staying young. I have news for you morons out there, I have to work every day for a living, I dont earn their million dollars salaries, and I would look great too if I didnt have to worry about paying bills and funding my reitirement.
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