Still Red and Swollen and So Embarassed!

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I had two injections of Radiesse, one on each side...

I had two injections of Radiesse, one on each side of my face, next to my nose, 4 months ago. The right side got very red and swollen, under my eye. My boss said it looked like someone had punched me in the eye! Yuck! I was told to ice and massage. Then, the Dr. told me that a woman who worked in her office had the same reaction, only worse. She had the whole side of her face red and swollen. She got a cortisone shot within 24 hours and did better. I was on antibiotics and an oral steroid for two weeks. Just some of the redness was gone. I was told to use heat and massage. Nothing changed. Last visit, the Dr. "broke up"??? the "hard mass" with a couple of needle pokes. I still ice but it remains red and swollen. I was told that it would not be permanent. My Dr. says she'll take care of me. They have given me some quality make-up so I don't look so terrible. But I have people asking me all the time, "what happened to your eye?" I can't stand to be in any photos, so photos of our cruise, scuba vacation, hiking trip, visit to grand kids are without me. I feel as though I've lost months out of my life. The left side is fine, it was a differnt syringe. I am getting a total refund but it doesn't make up for the pain and misery.

Dr. Hua

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