Radiesse Very, Very Painful. Bruised for 3 Weeks. LUMPS Have Formed for Four Months

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I went into this after discussing with my...

I went into this after discussing with my injector, {referenced above} (GP).  She gave me, I think, three lots of Radiesse.  Two weeks later I notice lumps forming under my eyes and on my cheeks.  Go back to her, she says she cannot 'see' them.  I can and my family can.  Rock hard lumps.  We have a 'get-together' with the Radiesse Sales Rep, who almost ridicules me and talks over my head, dazzling me with medical terminology.  She implies that I needed radical surgery and not Radiesse.  Pity didn't say that when she took my hard earned money.   I'm a pension and cannot afford any other treatment at this stage.  It took me five years of frugal living to save up the $3,500 for the Radiesse.  I like to look nice, so it was important for me to go without other things so as I could have a lesser lined skin.

This interview was just a scam (in  my eyes), and a meeting that was one-sided, and nothing was resolved, and no advice was given as to how the lumps could be dissolved or treated.   Just time, they said, and the lumps should be gone.   It has been four months now and I still have the lumps.  

I heard from president of cosmetic medicine in Australia.  But got no joy from this lady either.  RADIESSE do NOT want to know.     I would advise anyone to be absolutely sure, and do lots of research before having this filler.   

If anybody has any advice for me - can give me any information on how to get rid of these ugly lumps, it would be so appreciated, though if the actual people that make it don't know, I can't see how the ordinary person would.    BE AWARE OF GOING TO {mentioned above}, or anywhere near Radiesse before you pay you hard-earned cash over.   I'm so depressed.   WHAT A SCAM.

Dermedica, Karrinyup, Dr Joanna Teh, Jeannie Devereaux (Radiesse Sales Rep).Sharron Phillipson, President of Cosmetic Medicine, Sydney, Australia

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