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I've had Restylane. I've had Juvederm. With those...

I've had Restylane. I've had Juvederm. With those experiences under my belt, I thought I'd give Radiance (Radiesse) a try. Advertised as one of the longer lasting fillers that doesn't require an allergy test, I was ready to up my game.

Nasal labial folds be gone!

The injections are not comfortable, and that was even with a complete dental block. It stings going in and has a lingering burning sensation. Add the pressing and manipulating the practioner must do to make sure it sets in the correct place, and well...let's just say it wasn't too pleasant.

About 2 weeks later, a large, thickened white lump had formed on the inside of my lower lip. It was stiff and obtrusive. I wasn't really sure what happened, only that I knew it wasn't there before.

As it turned out, the Radiance had tracked down into my lip. The lump was large enough that my teeth would hit it, causing me great pain. I went back to my MD to have it lanced and drained. Now that I'd lost so much Radiance, I was given another dental block and injected with Restylane (my filler of choice) instead.

Overall, a substantial waste of money for zero result. I won't be using this filler again.



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