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Radiesse has been a nightmare. I had my under eye...

Radiesse has been a nightmare. I had my under eye hollows filled 3 weeks ago and still look terrible. For the first 2 weeks I had 2 major black eyes and swelling. Now the brusing has settled down but the skin is still pink with whitish dots. Worst of all one eye looks like a bag underneath (which I didnt have bags before!) and the other eye is lumpy...I am massaging it and tried oral steroids which has resulted in minor improvement. I am so upset. Is there hope for me to look normal again? Is there a possibility of permentant damage?! Is there anything I can do now to assist the healing process? Please help.

Updated on Sep 1, 2009

Please see my other posts..I have progressed but everyday I still get sick when I see myself in the mirror. Under one eye now is a thick whitish/reddish line and under the other eye is a letter j like line also whitish/reddish. Some light is almost invisable, but under flouresent lights (like at my work) or cloudy days its still looks horrid. No makeup can cover it up. Up close I see the Radiesse slowly disappearing but from a far (under the bad lights)the improvments are minimal.

One doctor told me I got 3 more months of this nightmare to go, but that seems too optimistic, especially when I see myself in floursent lights. Can some one explain to me why I look so horrid in certian lights with this "lovely" Radiesse and when will I look normal again under all /any lights..I will be glad to provide pictures if it helps...thank you

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