I'll Never Live with Flat Cheeks Again!

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I always had flat cheek bones and wanted them...

I always had flat cheek bones and wanted them higher and more define but did not want the downtime with cheek implant surgery. I did a lot of research of fillers and found that radiesse was great for cheekbone augmentation and lasting too. The filler gives more volume for the amount compared to juvederm or restylane and somehow mimics the bony structure too.

The injection itself was a breeze. I didn't get any anesthetic or numbing cream at all, my doctor simply added some licodaine and injected at a single point on my cheek where i needed it and maneuvered the needle. It was injecte ddeeply, right along the bone however there was no pain, just pulling and pressure and it was over quickly.

I love the result the second I looked in the mirror. Since I already have some definition to begin with (not completely flat) I only needed a single syringe split between both cheek. There was hardly any swelling, no bruising at all- I could've went out that night with my newly injected cheekbones. Radiesse contoured the areas I needed most and gave my face dimension especially from the profile. And it looks completely natural- just like I was born with beautiful cheekbones! It was what I wanted cheek implants to look without the downtime.

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