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I had two GREAT experiences with Radiesse in...

I had two GREAT experiences with Radiesse in Tuscon, each about a year about. The Doctor (a naturalpath)was expert and the results lasted a year. Virtually no brusing or swelling. I had to give a speech that afternoon and it wasn't apparent I'd had a treatment. That was true both times. Over the months that followed each one I got some many compliments about how great I looked. One person even said, "I think this made more of a difference than your lower face life." I think that was because I had areas in my face that needed plumping. Plastic surgery helps with sagging, but not with plumping. The two together - perfect!

Tuscony MedSpa

Unfortunately the doctor I saw has left the Tuscon area and is now in Vermont. I don't know where. She was excellent. I met the person who replaced her and she may be fine too, but I've had no expereince with her.

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