Radiesse Fillers in the Tear Trough Area Caused Puffiness

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November 10, 2011 I too had fillers in the tear...

November 10, 2011 I too had fillers in the tear trough area. 12 weeks later i'm still having hit and miss days. I wake up praying that it will be wonderful or at lest less puffy and some days it is, others not so. They say ive gotten edemia from it,and only time will it improve, "Lucky its only temperory" they say. Haha, I take Telsfast daily,I ice my face morning and night, I've cut out alcohol, cut back on exercise, dont moisturise my face, actually Ive totally had to change my life all for the fact that I wanted to look fresher faced. Think hard before making the choice as it doesnt work for all. I can't wait for the day that they look and feel normal. I had a combo of estella and juvederm in the trough area and the top of cheek area to help disguise the puffiness and shadow line that it is causing. Unfortunately this didn't work and now i have am even wider area under my eyes that like to blow up. I now think if and when it calms down, ill have under the eye surgery. December 17, 2011 Hey all, well im still battling with my eyes. Yes some of the puffiness is going down, but now im noticing that its going down unevenly leaving me with wrinkled pockets that were not there before i had this done. Its almost like all the puffiness actually stretched my skin Has this happened to anyone else. And if so, did this settle and eye area get better?

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