Radiesse is Better Than Restylane

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I got Radiesse in my N/L folds last week. I saw...

I got Radiesse in my N/L folds last week. I saw the results two of my friends were getting and I want the same thing.

I have tried Restylane and Hylaform in the past for my fine lines. I also tried to sign-up for Juvederm trials in my area to try that but I was too late. I consider myself relatively experienced with minor procedures like this (I have also used Botox).

I have not been happy with the length of time any of those fillers lasted in my body. I metabolize fast so they were gone within 6-8 weeks. If I’m going to keep spending the money I want a longer-lasting solution.

After Radiesse the area around my nose was a little swollen but nothing too bad. The needle hurt the same as the other fillers... pretty bad. Nobody likes getting needles. There is a reason I don’t have tattoos.

I swear by Arnica for relief after getting any fillers done. It hasn’t failed me yet and lessens the bruising and pain in the needle sites.

My two friends who have had Radiesse (after similar failures with other fillers, I might add) have seen it last between 1-2 years. With my metabolism that’s about right so my expectations are there although I may go for touch-ups before then. I also want to find a doctor in the area who will inject something other than Restylane into my lips. I’ve heard you can do it with Radiesse but can’t find anyone in my area who will do it.

So I am waiting to see Radiesse’s longevity but I am confident it will be better than Restylane!
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