Third Rhinoplasty (Inflammation) - Kuwait

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I have a serious problem with my nose and i really...

i have a serious problem with my nose and i really need a guidance, in 2004 i've had my first rhinoplasty, then in feb.2008 i've had the second but unfortunately there was no difference between the second and the third except that the Dr. augmented a cartilage under my nose tip, i was not happy with the results and i wanted to look great in my wedding photos therefore i've decided to have the third that time i've had severe problems.

after 4 days i noticed a liquid coming out of the bandage and it was infected.the dr. removed the bandage and i was almost fainting when i saw the wound it was like 1,5 Cm red circle wound covered with white infection. it took aroung 1 month to heal but now i have a scar on my nose and i don't even like the shape,i regreted having the third operation as the dr.made things from bad to worse i even have a tissue scar under my left eye the same side where i've had the wound.

the real problem that i get very upset and depressed every time i look at my face in the mirror and my wedding is after 3 weeks, the dr. recommended to inject a radiasse under the scar to push the skin up and in the nose tip to fix the shape,another dr. told me that it's risky because you had inflammation and it might return.

and one more thing since the operation which was on Oct. 2008 i've had twice sinus infection, does it have to do anything with that, cause i've never had sinus infection before. and now 8 months passed and i don't know whether it's ok to have radiasse injection or no?? please advise as i'm so upset and confused and don't know what to do.....thanks

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