A Paranoid 22 Year Old Arab Who Underwent Closed Rhinoplasty :) 27/1/2016 - My Journey

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I always hated my nose. the fact that it had a...

i always hated my nose. the fact that it had a very low tip (when i would smile the tip would touch the top of my lip) and the hard bumps in my nose drove me crazy. i'm 6 days post op closed rhino and i removed my case and i LOVE my new nose. its so swollen but it looks fantastic. will update. i love it already.

One week mark

as i write this, i'm 10 days post op but my pics are 1 week post op. doing great, cleaning my nose and flushing it with saline every day twice a day ans cetaphil cleanser is magic! no more pimples on my nose!!! the cast really messed up my skin but cetaphil (with cortizone cream and fucicort applied before i sleep) really cleaned up my skin. i banged my nose on a door yesterday (9 days post op) and while cleaning my nose i found fresh blood, hope i didnt do any damage :( the tip was very hard yesterday from the injury but today it seems fine. will update soon. everything is going okay cant wait to see the final results! my stitches are dissolvable so no need to go take them out. i have an appointment with my doctor in 3 weeks so i'm exicted!

2 Weeks OP!

I'm two weeks PO and the swelling in my nose is still very prominent lol i have tiny red streaks near my nostril area which is weird cause I had closed rhino but i will book an appointment and see whats up about that. breathing is much better but i have dissolvable stitches so they take longer to remove than normal ones. i feel my nose is very tender and slight discomfort but i'm doing okay. i just wish my PS would have more time for me ???? i haven't seen him since my surgery date (my 1 week PO appointment was with one of his nurses because he took longer in surgery that day than expected). but i will definitely be getting ahold of him this week. my tip is so swollen its crazy but that is expected; a lot of tip work was done because my natural tip was very low pre-surgery. no more black eyes or bruises which is awesome. side profile looks amazing but there are bumps of swelling on my bridge but barely noticable to other people. love how my nose looks so natural even when 95% swollen lol i really do love it. i have an appointment with my doctor in two weeks (1 month PO) but i will definitely be seeing him sooner. he is an artist and an amazing doctor but post-care manner is practically non-existent lol. i have so many questions i want answers to and i want him to see his work! it really is a beautiful nose - even with all of the swelling. will update @ 3 weeks or when i see him :)

23 days PO :) (3 weeks and 2 days)

so i saw my PS on tuesday (20 days PO) and asked him about the tiny red "scratches" on each side of my nose and he said they were just regular spider veins and they would go away with time. he also took out some of my dissolvable stitches but some are still in my nose but im not too worried cause the ones that showed a lot were cut out :) i don't know why he seems like he is in always such a hurry and because of that i forgot to ask him other questions i had in mind like how long till the congestion in my nose goes and when does the swelling in my face subside. he said that this is not my final nose and ill be able to see how it kind of looks (final nose) like at 6 months but i know it takes up to a year. he did not give me any aftercare instructions (even his nurses didnt) so thank GOD i read everything i know about rhinoplasty from RS and all my questions were answered :) i have an appointment with him on the 8th of march so we will see how that goes. my nose is still very swollen and there seems to be hard bumps on each side of my bridge but through RS i discovered that its because my bridge had work done (A.K.A fractured and had bump removed). i can still feel my fracture point cause there is a small dent because of it but im not too worried because everyday my nose changes :) i love it!! will update soon xx

3 weeks and 3 days PO pictures! :)

some pics of my progress so far! my tip is so swollen lol and my bridge has hard bumps on each side of it but i'm happy :)

Photos BEFORE rhinoplasty!!

just realized i haven't posted any pics before my rhinoplasty. i zoomed in on my old photos do you can get some what of an idea of how my nose was. i had a HUGE bone that was sticking out on my bridge (like from either side), dorsal hump, and my tip was so low that when i smiled my upper lip and tip would touch. i purposely made these photos ugly lol like all zoomed in and cropped but i wanted to help those making a decision to see if their noses are like mine and to see what your after results (might) look like in my previous 3 weeks 3 days PO pics :) took me a lot of courage to post these pics :) these pics were taken around 2 years ago when i had blonde-ish hair lol so they're pretty old but the only ones that truly captured my old nose. the black hair seemed to make my nose smaller and lips bigger some reason or am i just being silly lol? i didn't notice how big of a difference my nose went through until i saw these pictures, i'm so happy with my results :)

29 days PO! 27th of Feb will be my 1 month!:) pics included

back again! i'm 29 days PO now yeah i know i got the dates of my previous update wrong LOL so i'll just be counting by the days now instead of weeks! yup yup 2 more days left and my noses first month birthday will be coming up and i'll post more pics! a couple of updates: I primarily sleep on my right side so i noticed that my left nostril/left side has less swelling than my right which kind of caused my nostrils to be slightly unequal. which doesn't really bother me cause my nostrils were equal up until 2 days ago where i definitely noticed the difference lol the left nostril is longer and more refined than my right which i just contributed to the fact that my right is more swollen. I scrunch my nose a lot (due to habit) so i was happy to able to do that now since there is less swelling on my bridge but DAMN it makes my nose hurt so i stopped lol i also saw a couple of videos online on how to massage your nose after rhino and i tried that for a few days but it also made my nose hurt so i stopped that as well. "if its not broken dont fix it" is a saying my mom always told me. i can also still feel the fracture line on my bridge and im just trying not to touch it lol Reparil gel is GOD SENT. i slather it all over my nose x2 a day and let me tell you i can feel and see the swelling going down. yes it dries out your skin but before i started applying it i did feel my fracture line very swollen up and after i started applying it it went down a great deal so YES. reparil gel for the win. Sidenote, I really do want to get lip fillers even though my PS, Dr Q, told me i dont need them. my upper lip is still a bit stiff from the swelling (i had a lot of tip work done) but i really want to get some lip fillers just for the heck of it lol. I took an appointment for lip fillers on sunday with Dr Q (even though he was against me getting them done, saying my lips are big enough already lol) so i might start another review on that. either way; very happy with how my nose is coming along - even though im pretty stubborn with my position when i sleep LOL! will post more pics on my 1 month mark :) xxxxxxxxxx

33 days PO Pics!! :)

quick update! so my nostrils are back to their normal/symmetrical size lol. i might need stitches inside my nostrils however to just lessen the width of tip :/ my PS suggested he can do it for me under general anesthesia the day after my surgery (when he removed the packs inside my nose for me). ugh i dont know why he couldn't have done that during surgery instead of me going through more congestion and more tip swelling :( the more i think about it the more i want to get it done and i think i will soon. the sooner the better so my nose can just be fat and swollen this year instead of next year also lol. i have naturally very strong and hard features so it's extremely frustrating to me that my nose is the only fat thing about my face lol feeling good, still swollen, still love it. and i read somewhere that during the 8th month is where you start seeing tip refinement. i'm such an impatient person so this process is WAITING A WHOLE YEAR to see how my final nose will be like its driving me OFF THE WALLS. anyway! just hit the one month mark, 11 more months to go lol happy one month birthday, new nose x

More pics :) day 34!

hello march!! took some more photos without any makeup just to document the swelling! i also noticed that people on RS mostly post pics of their profile instead of frontal - i think the front view is more important than the side so i'll be posting more fronts than profile :) i forgot to mention that i have thick skin; swollen nose galore! lol moreover, while i was cleaning my nose today i found little droplets of blood :/ maybe my dissolvable stitches are finally coming out. need to see Dr Q this week instead of waiting for my appointment on the 8th so i can get the new incisions in my nose :( i'll make sure to tell him to use normal stitches instead of dissolvable cause maaaan they take SO long to dissolve lol. I'm 34 days PO and i STILL have stitches in my nose. by the way, not going in for lip fillers :) lol my big lips are already big enough and i'm not really into the fake plastic barbie look. hope everybody is recovering well!!

day 45 update! Pics included :)

its me again! i've noticed that my updates sound like dairy enteries but that's okay, i love sharing my emotional, and physical, journey with you all :) Anyway, i dont really think about my nose as much as i did before. i see some refinement at the top of my bridge but my tip is still sensitive to touch and some what big lol when i wake up thats when my nose is the most swollen but it comes down as the day goes by. congestion is a lot better! i do still blow my nose but not as much as i used to. breathing is a lot better. i missed my checkup with Dr Q on wednesday because i was so busy so I rescheduled it for next week on wednesday :) still a little blood spotting here and there but i'm not worried. nothing new to update! :)

more new pics BEFORE rhinoplasty :)!!

to commemorate my upcoming 2 months PO, just wanted to share some old photos before i got rhino :) looking back at these photos makes me see how far my nose as come and i can't wait to see how it changes to the better with time! i'm arab and we have the WORSE noses lol kind of like a mix between a greek and roman nose lol just to give a general idea and to help those making a decision! maybe your nose was like mine :) THERE IS HOPE LOL

hit the 2 month mark :)! 64 days! PICS INCLUDED!

wohooooo 2 months!! march passed by so incredibly fast, it was great. tip still very sore and senstive to touch. i still feel A LOT of swelling on my bridge but i have 10 months left to go so i'm (impatiently) waiting lol some bit of spotting here and there when i blow my nose but i've talked to a couple of my friends who have had their noses done and they also said spotting is normal. gotta go for my check-up soon, my biggest concern is scar tissue because RS made me paranoid lol congestion is a bitch and i think i snore when i sleep lol up to 4 months congestion from what my PS told me >:( some photos throughout march :) i'll post some new photos just for RS tomorrow when i'm all dolled up lol


finally got around to taking nose selfies today!! FINALLY lol! took these photos today in natural light for all of the lovely ladies that have asked me for more pics of my nose. i just noticed that my bangs/fringe are usually on my face in most of the photos i've already posted but it's because i have really long bedhead hair lol so here it is! 2 months PO and a clearer view of my nose and how it is now :) there is obviously still A LOT of swelling but i can see that the swelling has gone down since cast day removal :) i'll try to post side by side cast day removal, 1 month PO, and 2 months PO so show you guys how the swelling has deceased! :) hope all of you are having a lovely day!!


surpassed my 7MB limit on the previous post :)

4 months PO update :)

sorry i havent updated in sooo long. ive been just so busy with everything that ive barely had time to breathe lol sorry i havent replied to all of the comments and direct messages but i will soon <3 ive even supplied a side by side photo of my (cast remove, 1 month, 2 month) progress and i also added my 3 month photo progress because i didnt post my 3 month update :) and my 4 month photo update too :) every month my nose gets more refined. looks MUCH better! i honestly cant wait till i hit my 1 year mark lol also, check out my juvederm review! yesss i finally got them done today LOL maaan i am swollen as a pregnant woman's feet but so far so good :) missed you my realself community!! feel free to ask me anything :)

4 month update new photo with my new lips :)!!

so before yesterday, i got juvederm for the first time to contur my lips and make them even more plump. yes i know i had big lips to begin with but why not? lol as especially since Dr Q was the one who injected my lips (he also did my rhinoplasty). so here it is :) my 4 month PO nose and my 2 day old lips :) what do u all think? check out my juvederm review!! got more pics of my lips and my journey there :)

sadly moving my photos :/ so many creeps :(

unfortunately, i'll be removing my photos because of some creepy inboxes i have gotten over the past two days :/ i've had two or three weird inboxes before but recently they have increased A LOT!!!! realself is supposed to be a safe place to share your journey and engage with the PS community, it shouldn't be a safe haven for perverts and creeps :/ if anybody wants to see my progress from now on, you can private message me and ask me questions there. sorry guys :( i really enjoyed updating and talking to you all but i'm really spooked out by all of this :( hope you all have a good day!

8 months PO photos :)!

hey guys!! its been forever since i updated my review!
i had my surgery on jan 27th, 2016. so i'm a little over 8 months PO :)
i also got juvederm in my lips at the end of may by dr Q, which i will be retouching next month because i LOVE the results! my nose is great! i even went tanning with my new nose (without sunblock) when i went to mykonos 2 weeks ago and nothing happened lol just a few more freckles on them.
so here it is, 8 months PO :) if anybody has any questions please feel free and comfortable enough to comment and i will answer you guys ??
missed you guys so much! hope everybody is recovering well x

Dr.Quttainah is a magician. As soon as he saw my nose he knew exactly what to do. I told him exactly what I wanted but in general I told him just to give me a perfect nose and he delivered that exactly. I'm only 6 days OP but i can see a difference (even though my nose is so swollen!!). He is an artist - no wonder he has his own 17 floor medical center in front of the beach. Only downside is that he is very quiet, not vocal at all and his appointments are short. But he assures you during these appointments and answers any questions you may have. I'm going to my first follow up tomorrow but overall I am very happy. I look like myself but with a perfect nose.

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