100% Happy Wih my New Nose!!!! - Quezon City, Philippines

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100% happy with my goretext implant!!!!! Yes,...

100% happy with my goretext implant!!!!!
Yes, it's almost double the price of silicone but it's worth it. It's safe, worry-free and rejection-free. I don't have to worry about replacing it and undergoing another surgery after a couple of years because I'm sure that what's inside my nose can last a lifetime. And what I love the most about my nose is how it looks. My nose is so beautiful! SO natural that even my parents didn't recognize I had it done. It has a bit of a curve and bears a very soft and natural appearance as if I'm born with it. No one believes me when I tell them I had a noselift. You don't have to believe me - just see me in person to find out how beautiful and natural-looking my new nose is. If you're seriously considering to have a noselift, I can refer you to the doctor who did me.

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