Poor Results on Smoker Lines, Wrinkles, and Jowls at the Corner of my Mouth

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I am 49 yrs old and i have smoker lines,wrinkles...

I am 49 yrs old and i have smoker lines,wrinkles on my chin and cheek area and jowls at the corner of my mouth. I studied information about Raidesse and was told it would last longer then most of the other fillers nad that it would give instant results.

I went to a cosmetic surgen and had the injections a full syinge, he said that i would have to wait 2 weeks for results. The next day the same surgen did lazer on my face, and said i would have porcilian skin after it had healed.

I went back in two weeks for a check up, he did not say anything about my wrinkles that were atill there, he was spose to do an after photo which he didn't. I was in his office for about 2minuts he told me to come back in Feburary.

Three weeks later i still have as many wrinkles and lines as i had before. I rang his surgery and he was spose to give me a call back, I'm still waiting.

I am on a disability pension and it took me a long time to save this money and it seems to me i was robbed of all of it. I am very sekf conscious of my face I hate looking in the mirrow. My friends and family have said they are not that bad, but i don.t believe because i know that they look horrible. But oh well i can.t afford amy more treatments. so i'll just have to put up with them.

Dr Eddie Roos

He hasn't had the courtesy to get back in touch with to try to rectify the problrem. He was spose to do am after photo which of cause he did not.

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