Blephrosty Surgury - One Lid is Thicker and Swelled Up Alot More Than the Other Eye

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Did it to look better. not done by a plastic...

did it to look better. not done by a plastic surgeoni thought i would look better. altho it is still early i just wish i could have my other lid feel the same as the othe eye

i had blephrosty done 13 days ago. i have one lid that is thicker and swelled up alot more than the other eye. when i look up the eyelid does not go up as far as other eye. also color on that lid is darker. it felt different right after surgury.on good eye i still have a black eye. and there is still fluid under both eyes.please help me.this is upper eye lids

Do not have it done.One year out many problems....

Do not have it done.One year out many problems. The skin is now sagging again in one eye.One eye is open wider than the other.It took me months before the black and blueing went away.Scar line was sewn in circles on one eye.He was just a optitrician that did the surgury.Small town.Could not and still cannot open one eye completely after the surgury.Feel like something is stuck.Would NEVER have this procedure done again.HE TOLD ME PEOPLE IN NYC HAVE THIS PROCEDURE DONE ALL THE TIME. nOW i FEEL IT WAS DONE JUST FOR THE MONEY.

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would have a plastic surgeon do it if done again

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