23 YO, 34A/32B Pre-op, no kids, 345-365 Silicone Inspiras Implants, full profile SRF, BWD 11.5 - Quebec

Hey realselfers, As long as I can remember I...

Hey realselfers,
As long as I can remember I wanted to have a nice cleavage. The titty fairy never came for me. It sucked when I saw younger girl having nicer and bigger boob than me

So these are my stats;
23 years old
115 lbs
Getting 345cc in my left boob - 365 in my right boob. My PS said that she can't go higher because I don't have enough tissue in my breast.
Silicone implant
Round smooth
Under the muscle

I'm so excited, my BA is in less than 2 months!

Wish boobs

I'm going back to see my PS this week, because I didn't show her my wish boobs picture and I want to try on the sizer again. I'm pretty confident about the cc's (345-365) but I want to compare with my homemade rice sizer.

So these are my wish boobs. I just hope that won't make me look top heavy. I'm looking forward to have a 34 C. I know some of the picture are 32D but that is pretty much the same. I'm going back to the gym to be as fit as I can for the surgery.


Me before the surgery, 34A/32B.

Homemade rice sizers 350cc (1,5 cup)

PS office

I went back to try on sizer with my ps's secretary. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to recreate the same size as my ps did. Her advice was to book another appointment with her few weeks before my BA. I will call this week to book. Glad to see my PS again. I've got a few list of questions to ask her

This is with 330 cc sizers (not so far from 345cc)

I also got my post op bras that I ordered online. I'm so happy! The front zipping bra is highly padded but thank god I can take them off. I tried it on with the home made rice sizers (350cc)


I sized myself for fun with my bf and turns out that I'm not a 34a as I thought but I'm more 32A. Don't know if it changes anything or not. Well, I'll keep you posted!

If you have any advice on what to get before the surgery I'm all ears. I've already cooked easy things that I put in the freezer. I've got plenty of ice packs, and me post op bras, many straws, what else guys ?

PS office #2

Soooo, I went back to see my surgeon today. I had a list of question to ask her and we talked about my concerns. She really took the time to answer them and with all the advice here, I showed her my wish boobs. It's a realist goal, yay ! :)

We tried on the 330cc sizers. She said that it will equals to my 345-365cc implant once it's under the muscle. I really like this look so I'm pretty confident with my choice

I paid my surgery in full! Next time I'll be in the office it will be for the real thing. So happy ! October 3rd 8:30!

Surgery tomorrow !

Well, this is it !
My surgery is tomorrow! I'm excited but I'm far from being stressed out. I don't know if it's because I don't realize it yet but I'm being fully relaxed ! This time tomorrow I'll be waking up from the anesthesia! Wish me luck

So I took lots of picture of me before, so I can do lots of before/after pics, I have a small basket with everything I think I will need with a reach of hand. Tissue, lip balm, straws, hair ties, phone charger, baby wipes, any suggestion?

My bf will be there too so it's not like I will be completely alone. I downloaded bunch of movies and Netflix will be my best friend. I've got my e-reader fully charged, bought a neck pillow, got pre cooked meal in the freezer but now I don't know what I can do to prepare myself

Next time I'll update with picture with my new breast!!!!

Post op day

Well, I survived !

I arrived at the clinic at 8:30, 9:30 I was in surgery as planned ! Everything went well, the staff was very nice with me. Once they dragged me to the OR, they took a blood pressure test, put the cardiac monitor on, and installed the catheter in me, and After that I was pretty much out ! I woke up at 11:10-15 and at 11:30 I was out of the clinic.

I did not have nausea, only bearable pain. My bf got my medication at the drugstore and we drove home.

I got home and I drank small amount of water but regularly. I didn't want to vomit. I did the same with soup and after a while homemade paté. I'm able to get up and pee by myself so yay!

Something odd happened when I looked at my identification card. I knew that my right breast was slightly larger than my left breast it was supposed to be
SRF 345(R) and SRF 365 (L). On my card it's SSM 345 (R) and SRF 365 (L). I looked it up and the main difference is the gel soft vs responsive and the width base. It's around 12,7 of width. With my small BWD of 11,5, it's more than 1 cm over. I know it's pretty soon to assess result but my right breast is still larger. I just hope my PS knew what she was doing. :)

TL;DR: everything went fine, does any of you does have 2 different kind of implant? Got SSM AND SRF.

Post op #1

As you can see on my first picture, my left boob (SSM345) tend to spill out a little bit more than my right one (SRF365). I think it's because moderate profile has a wider base. Anyway I'm pretty pleased with my result so far. They seem symmetric and good to me ! Time will bring D&F!

Day 2

Got to shower today ! Yay ! I took down those white dressing and my scars are looking great. I still wear the elastic band most of the time and I think they are big enough but I wouldn't mind a tad bigger once they settle. I like the fact that I can hide them under my clothes and its not obvious that I have implants.

Day 3

Well, nothing much changed since yesterday. I noticed some mistakes were made in my previous post. This is my card where you can see that my right boob is responsive-moderate-345 and my left boob is soft-full-365.

They seems to drop nicely, but they still have a long way to go. They're getting softer every day. I still have mild pain but really tolerable.

1 week post op

Hey guys,
Nothing much changed. I have less pain than before so I don't need to take meds anymore. I still wear the white strap pretty much all the time because I hear that will help my boobs drop some more. And when I don't wear it, I have more pain like my muscle is stretching too far from my body.

How much time do I have to wait before I can see a change ? They are softer and I can squeeze them without any pain, but I still have the feeling that they're too high on my chest.

2 weeks update

Hey guys !

Not much has changed between my first week post op. Boobs are still getting softer but they are still sitting pretty high on my chest. I went to my ps office and everything seems to be fine. I'm seeing her again at 1 month PO. I asked her why she put different types of profile AND gel in each breast. The profile is to correct my asymmetry, she tried a lot of different implant but full profile and moderate looked better together.
She also said that my identification card must be wrong. She thinks that the sizers identification were put on my card instead of the real implant. My real indentification is SRM345 and SRF 365(instead of SSM).

My left boob, (SRF) is looking more round than my right boob (SRM) as I show with my hand. SRM spills out more and has a less good looking underboob. Maybe it's because I still have my steristrip, but it is flatter. They are supposed to fall off on their own but they are pretty sticky. I tried to take one off but the healing pieces on my scar tends to come off with them.

Overall, I'm happy with my new addition. I can hide them and show them off when I want. I won't lie to you, I would have a bit of boob greed if i could have gone high up, but I chose the maximum size avalaible for my breast. I couldn't go higher even if I wanted.
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