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I was 19 years old when I had my BA (way too...

I was 19 years old when I had my BA (way too young!). They were saline, sub-muscular, and took me from a small A cup to a C Cup.
I am now 23 (4 years after the augmentation).
I decided to have them taken out.
This was part of a spiritual clean up process for myself. I just wanted to be all natural, all me, and no one or nothing else.
There was nothing "wrong" with my implants per say. But I knew how bad they were for my body and every day I could just feel the fact that I had something toxic inside my chest, right next to my heart forces. Not cool.
When I first got the implants, I suppose I liked them alright. But looking back, I was never truly happy with them. They were always uncomfortable and got in the way of things like exercise, sex, and sleep. Those are some important things if you ask me. Sometimes they would even "hurt" a bit.
The plastic surgeons just dismiss these things (I think partly because it happens to most everyone with implants, because essentially they are just poison bags in our bodies that we chose to put there). But the PS's wouldn't admit that :)
Anyway, off my little soapbox...
So I saved up the money and had them removed by the same PS that put them in me.
I had it done in office, under local anesthesia. They turned on some music for me and the procedure was done in about 20 minutes. It didn't hurt. There were a couple times when I could use the word "uncomfortable" to describe it...But when the PS pulled out each implant it felt like a huge relief and release. I knew right then how happy I was to have them OUT!
Since I am posting this way later than my op date(Dec. 31, 2013), I don't have pics of right after I got the procedure. Sorry ladies, I do apologize for that. I've been maxed with school and work.
Needless to say, so WORTH IT! Obviously I shouldn't have gotten them in the first place...but it was an expensive learning experience and was probably necessary to happen during this life so I can grow from the lesson I was taught.
Blessings, Love, Light and Beautiful Healing Energy to all you beautiful beings! Stay Strong!
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