55 Year Old Sun Goddess - Mexico

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I hope to decrease my "smokers" lines.. (Smoked...

I hope to decrease my "smokers" lines.. (Smoked years ago and not that long, do have habit of pursing my lips) and having a smoother face and neck . I am getting a lower lift with neck and fat grafts to fill in perioral lines. I am getting ready day by day for my big trip and going ALONE! It's going to be my birthday the day I leave the hospital. I'm a little disappointed that it is being performed at the older San Javier hospital in the Marina District and not the one I saw and went to in Nuevo Vallarta;( hopefully it is just as nice?!? I made the initial deposit today! $900 bucks and I am IN! Scared and worried about being alone but Lori reassured me I'll be fine!

55 Year old Sun Goddess

Having lower face/neck lift with fat grafts to upper lip May 8th!!

Better details!

Counting the days.........

Waiting for flight!

I'm to the point where I'm just "let's do this thing!" My daughter and I had a great convo last night. She's encouraging me to rock this! I would not consider this really for just normal aging , bit with having had damage to my neck and acne scarring I just don't feel like I am looking like me. My daughter said I have a tortoise neck after radiation. I'm not saying it's not a vanity issue, but it is different. It's reconstructive surgery. Funny how as I also had breast cancer the "big medicine" offered a free boob job but nothing for my neck! Go figure! I'm just a little uneven and that's just fine with me! Don't want to lose sensitivity!
That's my 2 cents for the day....!!

4 days out! I did it!!!

Wow. Can't believe I went through with this. I was told to get a new look (haircut) before so you "look" different. Well as it happens I was down in the gay area of Puerto Vallarta and was getting a sandwich and struck up a conversation with this fun young man asking if he knew of a good hair place... It just so happened his guy lived around the corner and used to cut hair for all the Mexican movie stars. "Shall I give him a call?" YES!! Not 5 minutes later I'm in a 3 story open loft amazing apartment with Luis Pena having him take charge of my hair. He knew what he was doing! I have very curly hair and he cut it dry! And then... The plot thickened... He'd had head of my Dr. And said she was the best!!! His other was a nurse and had cionnections! He texted her (my doctor) to say hey! Met judy and she's ready! OMG talk about a serendipitous fortunate good omen!! My hair was fab! I felt ready! And had such a good feeling about it all!!! Yay!! The only crummy thing was the airbnb I booked. Not good! No wifi, no tv, dirty,,,, had to go! Thank god Gabriela from the crown paradise came to my rescue, that and the nurse I hired to help me out if the hospital .... Got out of that place! You need to splurge on a view, room service and wifi!!! Seriously! I feel so much better now.
So my ears are completely numb. Can't feel a thing! I went ahead and did the eyes too! I figured while I was going for it might as well do it!!! The wrinkles would have been highlighted with the rest of my face uplifted. Didn't want to have to go through that again! I still have some lines around my my mouth I'm not happy about but that could change?!? Maybe a tad more filler? I'm just glad it's over and I hope I get some feeling back !!!! It didn't hurt at all, just my side where fat was taken ( I am skinny so they probably really had to dig!) and very black and blue on my tummy. I don't care. I'm sporting my bikini any ways! Having a safe clean nice environment is really important when you get put and hiring a nurse $10 an hour to assist was very worth it!!!bring alone is kinda nice. No one to have to answer to. Getting out if hospital was also a little annoying. The price was 1000 more than I was quoted ... The desk girl accountant was rude. It was her mistake. I was not going to let her put wrong amount on a slip and settle it later. I should have been escorted to an area where I could sit down not just stand at a counter with blood coming out of my eyes... Frustrating!!! Nurse helped with that too!!! Hire an advocate!! It all worked out but was handled very poorly... I was in no shape to argue over money! But 1k is not a small amount and when you are drugged up and weak etc stamding at a counter is no fun! It should have all been written out and itemized and explained in an area that was comfortable! Did not like that. Lori the assistant did call to see how I was as did Dr. Nasheilli . U have many more questions.. How long do I wear this hard gear, can I swim? When can I really sauna again, when can I sleep only side, how long will eats be numb? Etc! Well that's it for now kids! You can do this! I will update more!!!! Thank you all!!

Home after 8 days in healing paradise !

Heal thyself!

Home! All in all it was a great experience! I had very little pain, mostly just in my tummy area where fat was gathered for transfer... Probably had to dig a bit as I'm pretty thin! The one thing I learned is to book a hotel with room service or an all inclusive!! I had started my stay at an airbnb apartment which looked nice and seemed like it would work. I had one night prior to surgery to get food to last a week at least , familiarize myself with the functionality of apartment and get the wifi code etc. Then off to hospital early the next morning fir overnight and then back to the apartment. For SURE hire a nurse to help with check out . The "numbers" weren't adding up as I had to stand at a counter and try to understand why there was a $1000 difference. Not the best time to go through that. Better to ask to pay before if possible when feeling coherent and having things in writing ... Black and white. It was just a misunderstanding mixup currency etc.. Thing, but I was right and was not going to have an overcharge be adjusted the next day. It was my birthday, I was drugged and it was not adding up and standing at a counter was not ok. I didn't feel like arguing but I was not waking out if there with it being unclear. This had nothing to do with Dr.Nashielli. My hired nurse was a great advocate for sure. We left with numbers correct although I was crying and blood was dripping out of my eyes. Probably not so good! My right eye gas had an issue since them still but hopefully is on the mend. Then getting to the apartment the wifi would not work. That and the TV that I was told had 80-100 channel some in English was just static. Also I was never told prior to coming that the A/C was ONLY in the one small bedroom. It wouldn't have been so bad with a/c only in the bedroom except none of the
Communication entertainment worked. It did in one area for a minute when I checked in two nights before. I hadn't thought to go all around the apartment to make sure it stayed on for more than a minute especially in the A/C room where I would be most if the time! Well, $150 dollars of food and a night without being able to communicate with family about surgery and to say happy birthday to me was enough! I hit a hold of the Golden Crown Paradise all inclusive ( I've stayed here before and it's 3 blocks to
San Javier Hospital)
And Gabriela came to my rescue. I gave away most of the food and then started to heal! Ocean front room, waves pounding all night , breeze,
A/C and WIFI room service ( I never even used it.. It was easy and nice to be around people and no one asked any questions and the men still called me beautiful!) . It was PERFECT ! The healing began and or was heaven! I'll update more... Gotta call some pals now? ????????

2 weeks and feeling better!

I've been home for a week now. Love having my kitties around but Mexico was a GREAT place to wander and heal and feel incognito ! Here's an update of lower face. Still waiting for right eyelid to heal and a couple bruises'!

A few quirks

My right eye still has a big red puffy scar and my eyes seem much smaller and tight and my upper eyebrow hangs over my lid. I never had this problem. I had bright happy eyes, now they look Lobsided and small. They are very tight as well. Hopefully TIME will heal that?!?! That's what I keep hearing. My left eye looks fine almost. Also there are some blue siutures popping out my upper cheek. Freaky! And just under my ear there's like a nodule now....huh? I really really hope time does heal and please be quick. With my right eye all swollen I've been hiding out and I'm getting bored. My eyes don't clise tight so under water swimming is a new challenge as well. I'm kinda unhappy and worried. Anyone else have pokey cheeks or scared eyelids that almost look hooded?

5 months post

Well, my right eye is still smaller than left and is "hooded" and I can't look up (roll my eyes) on my right eye either. It is also prone to weeping and doesn't close completely. I am concerned about how it could be re-vised? My lid is just not big enough anymore........Can it stretch? A skin graph just sounds like more worry to me. The fat transfer had good results on my upper lip for a couple of months. Not worth it. Wish I kept that money to put towards my next trip to Mexico to get the sutures that are sticking out (3 now) in front of my ears. I am told this is very uncommon. Why me? That and the eye. I am a long ways a way from Mexico. This is something I really hadn't truly thought about. I didn't think these things could happen. It isn't horrific, but very bothersome and my eyes really don't look even, and the sutures hurt as they poke in and out and are continually irritating my skin and it looks like I have a zit on each side of my face. I do plan to go back in January, but I am worried that it could end up worse. ANY advice? I truly thought this would be resolved by now. Want it all to be good. I wasn't going to do anything with my eyes. I was told the day before surgery that it would look much better since my cheeks were going to be smoother. I didn't know my eyelid was going to be cut. I'm just stressed out about that and the money I spent for the extra fat graph and eyes and both of these things ended up not so great. More waiting and hopefully it will get better and all that will need to be done is suture removal. I hope that doesn't leave a scar.
My NECK does look better as does my chin. I still have deep lines on my upper lip and around my mouth that I think I need to have done. Ablative Fractional skin resurfacing is what I should have had, not fat transfer.

Very unhappy

Right eye still unable to open all the way or look up. Also the "cyst" on my neck that Dr.N. insisted was not a suture problem when I saw her 2016, finally poked out and was seriously infected. There is still blue thread under surface. Am having to go to plastic surgeon here in states to have removed. Scarring is apparent. This could have been dealt with last year in her office but she insisted it was just a cyst! I KNEW it was foreign material. It wasn't there pre-lift. The fat grafting did absolutely nothing. My eyes look small and beady, I have scars where the blue sutures finally poked through. I only went for lower face and the day before surgery she said I would look so much better if she "let me do my eyes" as they would not look good with my lower face being done. $$$$$ right before surgery under enough duress as it was. I trusted her.

Seriously the after care has been terrible. She just dismissed my concerns. LORI her "voice" was great prior to surgery but after was also very dismissive and seldom really answered my questions. Communication was difficult.
Do not go to Revert. It is NOT
Worth the savings! I ended up spends my WAY more and have had bad results. I am truly sad and really thought I had made a well informed choice. I am happy with my neck. That's about it. I can write so much more about this. I'm sure they will come back with something to say about this debacle.

You can contact me any time if you have more question about my "adventure"! I have tons more photos as well.

Bad... just BAD!


Also, she is only in Puerto Vallarta on the weekends. This was not disclosed. Aftercare 2 days after surgery I was unable to see her when my eyelid split open. This concerned me. I believe that is partly why my right eye never healed correctly. Also making appointments for follow ups was difficult due to her being in Guadalajara more often. So many little things you never would think to ask and so much more. Again, could bract me if you want to know more!

1 year 8 months post!

So unhappy. Warning!

I met with Dr.Nasheilli once back in January when on a vacation. I have been unhappy with the acne scars and perioral lines and recent jowls fir quite some time now. I have a yoga practice that you look in the mirror at yourself and it is hard for me to do. I focus in on the lower part of my face and see how my body looks great and I'd like to feel better about myself. I started doing research before our trip to Puerto Vallarta after seeing adds for lifestyle lifts. My friend had one and looked so much fresher. After researching Lifestyle lifts I decided I would rather have a traditional lift. The reviews were not favorable. So on-line I went and that's where I found REVEERT, and Dr.N. The appointment was made and that was the beginning if my journey. Her office was in Nuevo Vallarta near Paradise Village. A beautiful new clean office, very professional. Dr.N. was very informative and super sweet. Being a women I feel she understands me more and had an intuitive way about her. She explained different procedures and I left feeling like there was light at the end if the tunnel! I have been in contact with Lori since then getting things set up. I also got several emails from Lori of past patients who I have been in contact with the past few months. They have all green so helpful and patient with me ( I've been asking a lot of questions and sending emails late at night when those fears seem to crop up most! I still have many questions before my procedure on May 8th and hope to maybe skype with Dr.N. This week or at least on the phone. I NEVER thought I would do something like this but my face does NoT match my body! I am in shape exercise 5-6 times a week / yoga mainly, and really am only worried about being able to stretch my neck back after this!

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