Dysport 3x - Providence, RI

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I was very unhappy about the lines on my forehead...

I was very unhappy about the lines on my forehead and crows feet. I asked for Botox but my practitioner recommended that I try Dysport instead. I was very happy with the results overall and went back for a 2nd visit.

On the second visit, she used Dysport on my forehead but dilute Botox under my eyes. I was less happy with the dilute Botox. I felt the crows feet weren't as well controlled.

On the third visit, we went back to all Dysport and I was much happier with the results.

The only things I don't like about the Dysport a) my forehead can look a little overly tight in the first two weeks after the injection. But it settles down quickly. b) I am very very prone to bunny lines. Fortunately, my practitioner is experienced in placing a little Dysport either side of the nose to help control these. They aren't completely eradicated. But they are much better.

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