36 Year Old with Saggy Breasts Since 12 - Providence, RI

Ever since puberty my breasts developed in a saggy...

Ever since puberty my breasts developed in a saggy manner. I've always dreamed of getting a breast lift. I was always afraid to become intimate with anyone and still to this day, I have sex with my husband with a bra on. I hate the feeling of having droopy breasts. My search for a surgeon began last June. I settled very quick on Dr. Plamondon.
Original surgery was scheduled in August 2016 but I was overweight at 198lbs and decided it was best to lose the weight before the surgery. I gave myself until May 2017. I'm now down to 155lbs. Feeling good about my accomplishment. Lost a few cup sizes, went from 38DDD to 34D, so no need for a reduction. I'm looking forward to having perky breast and gaining confidence for the first time. I'm nervous but looking forward to the process. All you wonderful people on real self have really inspired me. It helps knowing that we all go through the same emotions. Looking forward to checking in a week from today!

Surgery day!!

Everything went well today. Got through the actual surgery within 2 hrs and went home after 4hrs. Taking ibuprofen so in minimal pain. The worst pain is the gas. The doctor and the entire team were wonderful. Will keep everyone posted.
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